Water Treatment Market – Major Revenue Gains are Expected by 2032

The global water treatment market is projected to grow 6% in 2019 and reach a total valuation of ~US$ 48,951.8 million from ~US$ 46,162.7 million in 2018 as per the recent report published by Future Market Insights. Demand for potable water, changing government regulations, and awareness of the negative impact of untreated water are tipped to be the primary growth drivers of the global water treatment market.

Water Treatment System Market Outlook and Key Findings

The global water treatment system market is projected to value around US$ 112 Bn in 2030. Water treatment segment to witness rising momentum in coming years. Adoption in desalination process to surge through 2030. Municipality spaces to offer lucrative investment opportunities. North America and Europe currently lead the global adoption. According to the report, several key drivers are expected to fuel the growth of the global water treatment market during the forecast period. The notable driving forces include, growing awareness of the hazardous effects of impure water consumption, steady surge in demand for fresh water, adoption of water treatment systems, and demand for quality water from the domestic and industrial sector.

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The increase in the adoption of new technologies along with focus on R&D will play an instrumental role in shaping the overall growth of the water treatment market in 2019 and the coming years. Further, established players operating in the water treatment market are likely to increase investments in R&D activities, focus on the development of innovative water treatment systems, and offer cost-effective solutions.

In addition, existing players pushing for product innovation, collaborations with EPC companies and local municipalities, development of patented technologies and high capacity treatment systems are likely to gain a competitive edge in the current industry landscape.

Water Treatment System Market Future Outlook – COVID-19 to Highlight the Significance of Wastewater Analysis

Wastewater analysis is emerging as crucial way to examine community transmission of COVID-19. While polluted, unprocessed wastewater does not pose contagion risk, it provides medium of propelling infection rates in societies, and a potential early-warning system for new disease outbreaks.

Case in point, in the Netherlands, evidence of coronavirus were monitored in untreated wastewater six days before the first case was registered. Japan has already started to gather weekly specimens from treated and untreated sewage. Specimens from 15 sewage treatment facilities will be frozen and accumulated until techniques to extract and analyze the coronavirus come into existence.

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