Watch Shopping Guide – Useful Tips and Advice

Buying a watch online, while enjoyable, can be tricky for a number of reasons. The two main reasons are that there are so many watches available and you can’t see or touch them before hitting the buy button. However, with some basic knowledge of watches for men, you’ll be able to browse through more options in less time and greatly increase your chances of finding the exact watch you’re looking for.

Before you buy your next watch, whether it’s a Citizen watch, an Invicta watch, or any other watch, it’s good to know how watches are classified. Watches are usually classified as either quartz or mechanical. Mechanical watches are further divided into automatic watches (automatic winding) and hand-wound watches. A mechanical watch is made up of all mechanical components, hence the name mechanical watch. Mechanical watches do not need a battery. Quartz watches need a battery. Quartz watches get their name from the quartz crystal that is used in the movement.

Both quartz and mechanical watches have their advantages and disadvantages. Quartz watches are more accurate and less expensive than similar mechanical watches. However, you will have to change the battery every few years, which will incur additional costs and inconvenience. Mechanical watches are less accurate. They are heavier and usually cost more than similar quartz watches. However, mechanical watches are not only viewed as watches; they are works of art. These are canvases on which watchmakers demonstrate their creativity and skill. Even a simple mechanical men watches can have over 100 parts, compared to a few dozen in a quartz watch. It is easy to see that mechanical watches require much more experience to assemble. Knowing whether you want a quartz or mechanical watch will help you filter through a fair number of options.

Watches are further subdivided into smaller categories based on their functions or complications. Chronograph, perpetual calendar and moon phase are examples of popular complications.

What is popular now?

Currently, chronograph watches, diamond watches, diving watches and large dial watches are some of the most popular watches available on the market. A chronograph watch is a watch with a built-in stopwatch function. Most people buy chronograph watches for the looks, few actually use the feature. Diamonds can really add sparkle to a watch. The diamond is one of the most popular gemstones, so it’s no surprise that diamond watches are so popular. Diving watches are popular because they often look rugged and give a sense of durability, not to mention that they are highly water resistant. Large dial watches are popular partly because they are worn by many celebrities and also because they are easier to tell the time.

What to search?

Once you’ve decided whether you want a quartz watch or a mechanical watch and what complications you want it to be, it’s time to look at some materials.

Body materials:

Popular materials for watch cases are stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel and titanium are good because they are durable. Titanium is lighter than stainless steel but much stronger. However, it looks duller compared to stainless steel. Titanium tends to be slightly more expensive than stainless steel.

Crystal materials:

Sapphire and mineral glasses are recommended for most watches. Sapphire glass is much harder than mineral glass and much more scratch resistant than mineral glass. They are clearly more expensive than mineral crystals. Materials to avoid are glass and acrylic. They are found in many inexpensive watches.

Watch band materials:

Watch straps are made from a variety of materials, from stainless steel to eel skin. Which material is best for your watch depends on your taste and the intended use of the watch. If you lead an active lifestyle and will often get your watch wet, either a metal bracelet or a rubber strap will work for you, as they are easy to clean and maintain. It is not recommended to submerge any leather strap in water as this may degrade the quality of the strap.

Tips for getting the right watch the first time!

Read the descriptions carefully, including all specifications of any watch you are interested in. As a watch dealer, I very often see customers returning watches simply because they were too big or too small. If only they read the descriptions and specifications carefully, they would not have to spend money on shipping and create unnecessary work and inconvenience for themselves and others. If you’re not sure if a watches for women is too big or too small for you, measure your wrist and find out its approximate size. Remember that you can always call the seller and ask for more help. It’s better than an unnecessary trip to the post office.

Learn these watch basics and you’ll soon find that you can spend less time and browse more watches to find the one that best suits your taste and lifestyle.