Watch Bands For Luxury Watches

An expensive wristwatch is considered a staple of class in men’s fashion. Who doesn’t want their wrist to be adorned in that stylish Chrono machine that completes every chic look? Wristwatches have that antique grace around them that prevents them from ever going out of style. They’re here to stay as long as fashion stays.

The statement of a Rolex or a similar luxury brand, however, is hardly ever accredited to the most essential component of it. The band that keeps it strapped to the wrist it graces. And as a luxury watch must be strapped by a luxury watchband solves the ultimate dilemma around choosing the right watch band for your wristwatch.

A valuable band for your equally valuable Rolex? Not an issue. We’ve got you covered. Only the most popular watch bands deserve to hold the most expensive timepiece close to the wrist.

Where leather, metal or cloth had once engulfed the luxury watch band industry, good quality rubber is also rearing its head.

Following is the list of the most popular luxury watch bands out there.


A symbol of style and neat elegance, the first choice among fashionable watch wearers has always been a leather strap. From the smoothness of the leather to the intricacy of its stitching, the leather strap has survived the test of time and if all else fails, one can always trust the good old leather band.

Luxurious leather doesn’t always have to be plain and simple though, as proven by casual leather bands that ooze elegance but aren’t as formal as traditional leather straps.If you have an apple watch, you can try coach apple watch band and change the look of your watch. 

As leather bands got popular, there came bolder leather alternatives of the classic strap, one of the examples being the Rally strap, created for race car drivers to prevent the wrist from sweating profusely as the driver completed his laps.


Another classic example, the metal band has also been fairly popular among luxury brands. As the Oyster and Jubilee Bracelets were introduced by Rolex, metal bands swiftly stood in the line of luxury watch straps. The shiny metal encourages a sense of style while the polished clasp makes sure that the band is trustworthy.

If what you’re looking for is metal that’s on the chunkier side and a lot less smooth planes, the Engineer Strap is for you. Unlike the bracelet-y feel of its predecessors, although luxurious to look at, it still manages to give off that bold aura.


Made by the military, the NATO band was originally designed to prove its purpose of being sturdier than its counterparts. But lately, it went mainstream and is now a popular choice among luxury watch-wearers.

Following the nylon threaded NATO bands, ZULU bands also made their presence known by offering a one-piece watch band with no additional clasp.

Sailcloth bands, made out of durable sailmaking cloth, also appeared as a variation and are pretty popular among people who take style and endurance hand in hand.

Similar in fibers to nylon, organically synthesized Canvas bands are also used to mimic the NATO strap. Organic Perlon has also been a brash choice among watch wearers, as of recent. But neither Canvas, nor the brave Perlon have been able to get a hurrah in the luxury watch bands industry. Yet.


Although the original rubber bands were not only unpleasant but also causative of infections on the wrists, they’ve also recently been picked by luxury brands and turned into a style statement.

The luxury watch band brands have thankfully gotten rid of the stiff, brittle, and suffocating polyurethane rubber.

Expensive leather bands from luxury brands are now flexible and breathable lowering the risk of infections. Appearing in a variety of colors, rubber bands are becoming good contenders of leather and metal., for example, provides high-quality leather watch bands for high-maintenance brands like Omega and Rolex.


A luxury wristwatch gains half its value from its band or strap. Without a precious watch band, a valuable wristwatch can prove to be useless as far as fashion is concerned. It is better to consider the band too when buying an expensive wristwatch as the band is what holds the look together.

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