Wars – A Disgrace in The History of Mankind

You must have always heard about wars and their aftermath. People who are into historical fiction love to read about breathtaking and cruel historical events. Stories of history capture the minds and hearts of the readers. There are many Ww2 historical fiction books that will help you know about the events of World War 2 and how they influenced the lives of survivors.

In wars, nobody wins. It is always a loss of humanity. The wars did not just affect them physically but mentally too. Human societies have always been severely affected by wars, such as settlements, public infrastructures, and hospitals.

Wars bring grief and political and economic instability. People’s lives and everyday lives are at stake, which can be hard, nearly impossible, for people to start living again after the outbreak of war. The effects of war are widespread. Soldiers fighting for their country and their lives suffer differently than ordinary people. The women and children suffer in unimaginable ways.

Throughout time many historians have written survival stories books to remember the heroes who survived the tough times. There are World War II tours also organized by band of brothers tours in Europe, where you can experience how war heroes for our freedom and safety. 

Escape by Elaine Blair is one of the best books about Auschwitz survivors, which has always been a great treat for historical fiction lovers. The long-term consequences of armed conflict on civilians include many things like increased mental health issues, disabilities caused by physical torture and other health effects. In addition, there was expanded family and community violence and morbidity and mortality from long-term infrastructure destruction. 

Escape by Elaine Blair is not just a historical fiction to increase your knowledge about the aftermath and happenings of the war, but it also highlights the trauma, grief, and devastation. It was the time period of darkness where no hope was left. Imagine losing all your loved ones in a war – the grief of losing your loved ones never goes away. Yet, people managed to survive.

Otherwise labelled as collateral damage, this catastrophe pushes nations years back, rendering all the development and achievements useless. It’s not just the adults suffering; children and older adults also suffer in unimaginable ways. During the war, children are exposed to the horror that leads to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Children who have suffered during the war times are forced to live with the disturbances all their lives. There have high rates of sadness and anxiety. Not only this but children also get separated from their families and become orphaned. Escape by Elaine Blair is known as the best historical fiction book that gives its readers feedback on children’s sufferings due to war.

The story of Escape is about Dresden, Germany was nicknamed Florence on the Elbe River because of its beautiful Baroque buildings and cultural history. History was changed forever on February 13, 1945, when British and American bombers attacked an indefensible city. They created a Firestorm during three waves of bombing in twenty-four hours.

Frieda Jacobsmeyer was a blond-haired, blue-eyed girl. Frieda, her mother and her Nana used to sit in the basement of the apartment during the first wave of terror. Her Jewish friend Goldschmidt, his mother and father, used the bombing as n opportunity to escape Dresden and their upcoming expulsion to a work camp.

The question lingers in Frieda’s mind, who will survive the Dresden firebombing? Who will survive the Gestapo looking for Jewish families who migrated from Dresden during the bombings? How would the spark between Frieda and Walther in their flight and fight for survival be saved amidst the sparks flying in Dresden?

Elaine Blaire is a bookworm who loves to be called a ‘book nerd’. She is a retired teacher who loves to read and travel. Her trip to Germany with her husband in the fall of 2019 inspired her to write Escape.

The history and details of Dresden have been reduced to rubble, awestruck Elaine. The city’s beauty, refreshing places and life of people there inspired her to write this amazing gem, ‘Escape’. She was surprised how bombing between the British and American aircraft destroyed the place in just twenty-four hours.  

It is a breathtaking story about World War II and its effects, beautifully detailed with historical fiction. The book will leave you mesmerized and shocked. Get your hands on this amazing book before it runs out of stock. It is available on the website and on amazon as well.

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