Wardrobe Check: Must Have Bags for All Women

Every girl loves her bags and it’s an obsession that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, especially with the variety of bag fashion coming through. Not only do these make a fashion statement, but they’re individually useful for a variety of purposes.

Just one bag is not going to complete your closet. From helping you pull off different looks for different events to serving its storage purposes, every bad is worth the investment. Keep reading as we talk about some of the must have bags in every woman’s wardrobe.

Luxury Leather Bags

A luxury leather bag can spruce up a women’s elegance. Also, there are several benefits of having luxury leather bags in your collection.

  • It’s durability and flexibility are greater than other types of bags.
  • It is natural and eco-friendly.
  • Stylish and elegant.

If you still don’t have a luxury bag, check this huge collection of luxury leather bags for women and buy your favourite one.


Tote bag is known to fit every mood and occasion, even if it is as simple as shopping. In today’s world, tote bag is the go-to comfort choice on many occasions. Whether it’s a designer labelled one or simple one with a cheeky quote and art work, they’re versatile, convenient and best of all reusable. With tote bags, you can explore a variety of styles and designs.

Day-time Clutch

Yup, the time of the day does matter when it comes to having a clutch collection. As a modern, envelope shaped bag, day-time clutch often comes in cool and soft colours, adding an effortless and casual look to your outfit. You can make a simple yet sound statement with a day-time bag and still store your necessary items. It’s the best option when you’re on a coffee run with your friends.

Evening Clutch

Evening clutches are all about dressing up. Using it to top of your outfit for parties, romantic dates, formal occasions, etc. evening clutches can top off your outfit with a sense of glam. Apart from its beauty and design, an evening clutch can be a life saver when it comes to carrying your important things into a function without any hassles.

Image source: Unsplash

Duffle Bags

Also known as weekend bags, a duffle bag is spacious in terms of allowing you store items you would generally need over a weekend including your toiletry bag, Sylvie beauty bag, etc. It’s perfect for weekend trips and getaways and therefore is a must have in your wardrobe because who doesn’t love a good weekend get away! Even if it’s planned over night!


How can one’s bag collection feel complete without a backpack? From taking it on your outings, to hyping up a plain outfit to even using it for your university or work, backpacks have the flexibility like no other. Backpacks have always evolved in designs and shapes and styles, keeping it trendy and classy through and through.

Shoulder Bag

The classic shoulder bags are back for the better all the way from the 90s. Often carried for laid back events, shoulder bags are classy and convenient. It provides its purpose while pulling off a statement at the same time. It’s also a bag that can be used for formal reasons or even small gatherings amongst friends.

A few other types of bags that are worth having in your closet are sling bag, also known as cross-body bags and canvas bags, also known as cloth bags.