Want to Ace Your AP Exam? Consider These 5 Expert Study Tips!

AP exams are offered every year for the students who want to receive college credit and boost their GPA. The score a student gets shows his/her mastery in the curriculum so that he/she becomes eligible for an Advanced Placement in reputed schools.

Some colleges give credit for a score of 3 or above; others offer credit to the candidates who score 4 or higher. Students who take and qualify the AP exams earn credit to graduate college in three years; thus, saving time and money.

Does earning benefits after passing this three-hour multi-part test with a good score sound a bit tough? Well, with smart work and proper preparation, you can maximize your chances! There is so much you should know when self-studying for AP exams. Your success rate in any exam depends on how you worked hard for it.

Below are the five study tips to hone your skills and develop the confidence to ace the next AP exam.

Study Smartly

You might have passed your high school exams with minimal efforts or cram sessions. Or, you might have neglected to study regularly and still made it. But, this strategy isn’t going to work in the AP exams. If you want to ace your AP classes and exams with a high test score, you need to develop good study habits.

Look for good tutoring centers Orange County, be attentive in the class, and review the notes daily. You can form a study group with the other students if it motivates you. Or, you can find the best libraries in South Orange County for studying in a peaceful environment.

Other tips on increasing your productivity are-

  • Set your study goals each time you sit for study.
  • Limit distractions. Put your phone away from you while studying.
  • Study for 45 minutes straight, and then take a break for 15 minutes.
  • You can appreciate yourself for completing your study goals.

Make Notes

Understand that making notes every day in your AP class is a worthwhile endeavor. This will help you in the in-class test preparation and other assignments. Though it is good to focus more on the big concepts, small details also require equal attention. And, writing notes will help you grasp the information well.

Highlight the main points your teacher discussed in the lectures. Use bullet points or asterisk next to anything the teacher stressed as important. It is especially useful when it is time to review the entire syllabus for the AP exam.

Take Practice Exams

Taking tests is more important than reviewing the material. So, find good AP practice tests from professional tutors in orange county. It will help you familiarize yourself with the actual exam format and lets you know how well are you prepared. You will get to know about the areas where you need to focus more.

Be Consistent

If you fall behind in the high school classes, it is easy to catch up when the exams arrive. But, AP courses are different from the high school classes. If you get behind in the course, it will affect your grades, your ability to qualify for the exam, and the college credit.

You won’t be able to cover such a vast study material in a limited time. So, grab a planner and stay on top of your work. Set deadlines and stick to them. If you find that you are low on confidence, team up with the highly motivated students, and get back to preparation again.

Clarify Your Doubts

Your teacher is the most valuable resource you have. Don’t feel embarrassed by asking a few questions when you are reviewing the course material. It takes just two minutes to ask them questions. On the other hand, if you try to research your own to clarify the doubts, it may take hours. So, asking out your teachers is the best bet.

Wrapping Up

AP exams are not impossible to crack. As long as you are interested in AP courses, motivated, well-organized, and consistent, you can do extremely well in the course and earn good college credits.