Want a modular kitchen? Read this…

Kitchen is called the heart of every home and it is not said so without any reason behind it. The reason is that the kitchen is the place where meals are made and even eaten (if there is a kitchen island). It would not be wrong to say that these meals are a medium in this busy schedule for family members and friends to bond and connect over. Modular kitchen with an island is often considered the best for this. So, if you are someone who is staying in Noida and wants a modular kitchen in Noida or elsewhere, you are at the right place. In this blog, we tell you the basics that you should know before finalising things for your modular kitchen.

Cooktop and appliances-
The thing that might come to your mind when asked to picture a kitchen would be a stove and pressure cooker whistling. Isn’t it? Or to the max the appliance that you use the most. So, it is essential to decide the layout and placement of all these and get it right, it should not look chaotic. For a cook top you must think of chimneys, burners, appliances.

The Wet Area-
This is something you need to pay special attention to and tell the vendor that you are getting a modular kitchen in Noida or elsewhere done to keep that area away from sockets, electrical appliances. Also, the ply,especially around that area, should be kept boiling water proof.

Dish Holder-
You have to decide here either you can get the Ro system installed above the sink or a dish holder where you can place utensils right after washing and then keep them there so that the utensils can drip out water into the sink and not create a mess.
When it comes to storage, the best thing about getting a modular kitchen in Noida done is that if you stay in a society apartment or builder floor, you don’t need to worry about how you will get a good kitchen done in a compact space.

Base units-
When it comes to the kitchen you need to plan modules in such a way that you get to enjoy maximum space to store in limited space. For extra storage you can get sections made in base units, one to store spoons, tablespoons knives and one to keep plates, one to keep huge utensils and such.

Wall Units:
Wall units come in different types. You can check the shape and size as well so that you can opt for kitchen spices and condiments easily from there. You can also store tea, coffee, and sugar there. The size can be kept long, rectangular or square, they are the most popular.

So, we hope this article helped you in some way to setup and play your modular kitchen in Noida or elsewhere better. Collaborate with the experts to get it done, just let them know your point of view and rest they can handle in a perfect manner!