Walmart Fashion is Betting Big on Influencer Marketing Platform Afrostylicity to Reach Untapped Markets

Influencer Marketing has gained immense traction in the last few years, with marketers discovering it to be very effective in terms of attaining their brand’s goals. It helps brands enhance their authenticity – which is crucial for building trust, and drive website traffic, engagement, and conversions. Having realized the potential of working with powerful, influential voices, brands, and their marketers have increased their Influencer Marketing budgets, with good reason. And the recipients of this transition are Influencer Marketing and Digital Content Creative platforms like Afrostylicity, founded by Joy Nyargem, which was recently approached by global giants like Walmart, Target, and many others.


As a brand that focuses on fashion, travel, and lifestyle-related content, Afrostylicity got quickly noticed within six months of launching, owing to its influencer campaign that involved bloggers in utilizing and reviewing their services. The bloggers were to share it with their followers, which in turn multiplied the response and gained the attention of Walmart. The brand’s philosophy of sharing reviews of only products or services that they have tried and experienced has held them in good stead among the audiences, clients, and fellow influencers from the fraternity. Their reach, growth, and reputation in the market have pushed numerous fashion and lifestyle brands worldwide in seeking collaborations with them to boost their launch performance, and invariably, revenue.


Nyargem strongly believes that the three most important reasons for a brand like Walmart Fashion to use Influencer Marketing through platforms like Afrostylicity’s are to amplify its reach in lesser-known areas, elevate brand awareness, and most importantly, bring about a surge in sales. She believes that one of the clear motives here seems to be to increase the customer base or expand into a fresh new user group with a distinct product or service. Further speaking on this, Nyargem said, “Marketers have now become aware that people are on the lookout for authenticity, and modern-day influencers are giving it to them. Through some of our brand integrations and content placements, we have strived to showcase the power of influencing potential customers through quality content promoted by reliable platforms and individuals. And thus, today, giants like Walmart, Target, Omni Hotels, and Kroger are relying on Afrostylicity to influence their followers through targeted, highly-aspirational, and personalized content.”


Nyargem, who worked in the healthcare administration before becoming an influencer cum entrepreneur, believes, her knack for creativity and fondness to share her experience of using a product or service, drove her to take a leap of blind faith into the digital industry. Talking about the objective behind creating Afrostylicity, Nyargem revealed that she wanted to establish a medium to introduce consumers to brands through organic reviews, and to stir meaningful conversations and subsequent conversions. “Since the platform’s inception, I have only focused on fulfilling the needs of brands by introducing them to the audiences they have not had access to. In the end, it’s all about finding a way to offer the clients value in the form of something they don’t have but need,” she added.


Lastly, co-founder Zei, through his observation and experience, shares that Influencer Marketing is undoubtedly a thriving tool that’s making the area of influence significant. “It’s now or never,” says Zei!