Walleon – Smart LED Wallet with GPS Tracking

With everything evolving around us, technology has reached another great peak when smart wallets came to the market. Being sure, everyone feels the same way, it was about time we are all able to protect our wallets from being stolen or lost, and this is finally possible. 

And to come to a time when the trackable wallet is not only smart for its anti-theft technology, but it’s also made of high-quality products and speaks of a huge fashion trend, well, it’s time we acknowledge its perfection. 

We did some research about the Best Smart Wallets on the market and found this article.

Safety and protection by tracking your wallet

Walleon supports Global GPS tracking that allows you to keep track of your wallet worldwide by using the mobile app on your phone to track where your wallet is. And while you may not yet know that your wallet is missing, the app will activate an anti-lost distance notification or alarm, based on the app settings.

Anti-theft camera 

The in-built camera is an excellent addition to the wallet and offers a ton of other features except for the anti-theft function itself. When you have come to notice your wallet is stolen, what you can do is activate the emergency mode, and it will start taking photos and sending them to your phone every few seconds. One of the many other favorite features is the option for selfies. You put your Walleon at a distance, and by using your phone, you take a picture of you and or you and your friends. 

walleon wallet inside

SOS call button

Another top-notch advantage the smart wallet gives you is the SOS call option. How does it work? First, you need to insert a SIM card in your wallet – prepaid or other. Then you need to set one or more SOS numbers through your app, and when in need, you can dial those numbers by using your wallet by holding a hidden button for a few seconds. For example, when you break your phone and there is no other way of contacting someone, or you had a car crash with no one around you, you fell during hiking or other unfortunate situation. Your Walleon will help you make the needed call and save yourself. 

LED light

Although we all love the features above, this one is definitely the one that takes our interest the most. And why shouldn’t it? It’s amazing! The light goes through the wallet, and you can change the color in any way you prefer – to match it with your outfit and accessories or to match your mood. The function is fully optimized to save battery. The camera acts as a sensor, so when the wallet is in your pocket or covered, it turns off the light. Not only that but it can also auto stop after a few minutes (you can set your period for when the light should turn off) or turn it off permanently from the app on your phone. 

The LED light has low power consumption; the battery is 2500mah, and it also lights the money pocket so you can count your money in a low-light place.

Built-in Power Bank

You can use your wallet also to charge your phone on the go. The battery is ultra-thin, in-built, and offers a fantastic opportunity to keep your phone fully charged all the time.

RFID protection 

Speaking of all kinds of protection, as you’ve noticed, Walleon’s team is devoted to serving your needs, and it was created to make sure you are protected first. That is why RFID protection is such a great asset. You know that there are many frauds for digital theft and the RFID option actually protects your credit and debit cards from those devices trying to export data and money from them. Your cards in Walleon are safe.

With that many remarkable advantages, Walleon is a top-notch technology that fits your pocket with the best design ever made – high-quality leather, perfect sizes, and lightweight. Having it means being one step ahead of fashion and bringing your own style next level.  

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