Walk-in interviews in Singapore

A large number of companies wish to hire new employees quickly for vacancies in their organization. They cannot afford to advertise and wait for job applicants to respond to the advertisement, and then call a few job applicants for an interview. Hence these organizations are holding a walk-in interview in Singapore, where the job applicant can walk in with his resume to attend the interview. Some of the tips to maximize the chances of getting hired, and the procedure which is followed at the walk in interview are discussed.

Job advertisement

The walk-in interview in Singapore is usually advertised offline as well as online. The advertisement will specify the qualifications, experience required for the job, as well as the location and timings when the interview will be held. So depending on how urgently the person wishes to get a job, he should regularly check the newspapers and popular job sites, to check if there is any job vacancy relevant to them advertised. Unless the job profile is very attractive, a person who does not have the relevant qualification and experience should not attend the interview.


Most of the walk-in interviews are held on weekends so that employees looking for a job change can attend the interview easily, without taking a holiday. The advertisement will specify the time when the interview will start. Depending on the type of job, the salary offered, a large number of people may apply for the job. Hence it is advisable to reach the venue of the interview a little before the scheduled time. Usually the interviews will be held sequentially, and the person reaching the venue first will be interviewed first. Job applicants reaching the venue later will usually have to wait, till they are called for the interview.


The interview will be similar to other job interviews, especially the initial screening interview. Depending on the number of job applicants for the position, the interview duration will vary. If there are a large number of applicants, the duration of the interview will be less. The candidate will be asked basic questions about himself, his relevant work experience, qualifications, why . The interviewer may also ask questions to test his industry sector specific knowledge for the job he is applying for. The job applicant should carry an updated copy of his resume with him, since the job applicant will be usually asked to leave his resume with the interviewer.

Typically, most companies and organizations, especially large companies, hold several rounds of interviews. The walk-in interview is only the preliminary interview in many organizations to speed up the recruitment process. After the walk-in interview, the job applicants will be rated based on their performance at the interview and the resume which they submit. This will then be used to shortlist the job seekers, who will be called for another round of interviews, usually with the senior management. Only individuals who can join the new employer quickly should apply for walk-in interviews, since the company wants the new recruits to join within a few weeks.


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