Wake Up! Music.

Wake Up! Music is a Nu Music record label that strives to provide artists with the opportunity to express through multi-media platforms including music, video and dance.

Wake Up! Music is committed to preserving culture, educating listeners about these cultural jewels, and supporting the best of the best artists so that they can create.  Wake Up! Music will only produce Nu Music as art must keep evolving.

Arts and music from world traditions and roots are fast disappearing.  Each year brings news of deaths of the great masters who will never be replaced.  With them dies a body of knowledege of the art and its traditions.

Younger and newer artists worldwide find it increasingly difficult to have a career in the arts which further make the art form and leads to more generic or touristy versions of the art.   Wake Up! Music seeks to keep these arts and music alive by providing a home for artists creating Nu Music.  Only one year old, Wake Up! Music is already impacting the music and arts industry by approaching production through excellence, artistic freedom, creativity and global exposure.  Wake Up! Music seeks to be the top independent producer of Nu  Music on a world level.

Wake Up! Music was founded by MadyY “Pepper” Gomez aka MyMy Lady G, a dancer and musician.  As Wake Up! Music’s producer, creative director and with a love for artist development, she has produced two Nu Music discs thus far:  1)  Elena Andujar’s “Flamenco in Time” and 2) House Music legend, Matt Warren’s “Music Is My Life”.  Pepper also loves to support our Youth.  With this in mind, Wake Up! Music started the Youth Arts Support Initiative (YASI) Program which gives young artists the opportunity to work in a professional capacity with the Wake Up! Team.  With a Flamenco documentary in final editing and the companion disc in mastering, not to mention a Unity Remix of Matt Warren’s “Music Is My Life” with top Chicago DJs, Wake Up! Music will continue to bring great and Nu Music to the listeners in 2019.  And, that Nu Music will make you want to Wake Up!


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