VPN extension for Chrome to change IP address

The Chrome browser is one of the most used in the world. However, having a VPN for Chrome is something that you cannot do without when browsing the internet. This is because it works with a system full of security vulnerabilities.

How Chrome works with VPN extension

A private connection is linked to a virtual network made up of servers located in different countries around the world. A trap is of it, the user can navigate more safely because the data is n protected by encryption.

This means that the information exchanged by the Best VPN for Australia is encrypted. In this sense, the data that travels through the tunnel goes from the user to the VPN server without being revealed.

How do we test it?

The first step to verify that the VPN for Chrome is working effectively is to examine the IP identified by the computer. If we connect from a VPN, a different IP must appear than the one assigned by the server. This means that the IP of the Internet provider does not have to match that of the VPN. It is also useful to check the connection on pages that provide the IP status diagnostic service at no cost, as in the case of Check 2 IP.

Speed ​​and safety

Depending on the company selected to purchase a VPN for Google Chrome, browsing speed will suffer. VPNs generally slow down a bit because they connect to the remote server first and then to the internet.

When it comes to security, there are three circumstances in which a service like this cannot protect you:

  • If the VPN you use saves your browsing history, that data could be exposed.
  • Some web pages can locate you using cookies as a reference.
  • In case the government decides to monitor your network.

Number of servers

In principle, it is necessary to clarify that a service with a large number of servers does not guarantee high-quality performance. What a VPN with a wide variety of servers provides is access to different locations. Consequently, it would suffice to choose the VPN extension or n Chrome that provides the locations required by the user.

However, there are VPNs that have a number greater than 3000 servers enabled for countries on all continents so that you can decide from where you want to connect.

Adjustability and Streaming

One of the common reasons to purchase a VPN for Google Chrome is to freely enjoy streaming content. It is common that the user of these entertainment systems cannot access valid programming for the United States. A private network changes the IP so that the content is unblocked by masking the real location of each computer.

Not all are equally effective for streaming, and in some cases, they do not include the one we are looking for. A good sign is that the VPN has a wide range of possibilities, as this means that it adapts to multiple conditions.


As noted above, a Chrome VPN is secure except for those three specific situations. Exceptional circumstances aside, it could be argued that these extensions are one of the most effective methods for safeguarding data. Thanks to its encryption and the tunnel, the network will be closed to third parties with bad intentions.

With a browser-tuned VPN, government and corporate censorship can be avoided. Likewise, it provides absolute confidentiality regarding the data handled between the device and the server.

App and features

Currently all VPNs for Chrome have created an application of their operating systems to provide the same protection on mobile devices:

  • Server locations can be changed according to user needs.
  • Designed to support downloads, games and streaming services.
  • Provides anonymity when browsing with Google Chrome.
  • Available for any operating system.
  • Security in shared networks.
  • Data encryption protocol.

Personalized service

The VPN for Chrome can be customized by adding advanced features. Some of the customizable qualities are as follows:

  • If you connect 5 devices with a single subscription is not enough, you can buy a wireless router
  • Increase the bandwidth to an unlimited extent, although sometimes VPN services include this feature in the standard version.
  • Network Lock is an automated system responsible for shutting down the VPN connection in the event of a security alert.
  • Change VPN Chrome if it does not work optimally with the personal network.

How to install VPN on Google Chrome

Once the VPN Company has been chosen, the system will ask you to enter the Google Chrome Web Store. There you will have to search for the VPN for Chrome associated with that company to download it. Then a window will be displayed with the option “add to Chrome” where you must click to add the extension. Then an icon will appear in the upper right area to connect the VPN.

Free VPN problems in Chrome

The effectiveness of a free Chrome VPN extension will be determined by the purpose of each user. As we have indicated in the characteristics of VPNs, the most frequent limitation is bandwidth. So if it is used to view streaming services or other activities that require a lot of data consumption, it is preferable to hire the paid service. If you only need a basic or occasional solution then it will be convenient for you.

Free VPNs generally leak confidential information from your computer without you even noticing.

Search extensions vs VPN programs

The only difference between a VPN extension for Chrome and regular VPN programs is that the former only works for Chrome, while the latter provides general protection. The advantage of having an exclusive VPN for this browser is that it guarantees specific protection for its characteristics. Other VPNs may be very high quality, but they fail when it comes to Chrome’s security.


VPNs designed especially for Chrome promise a high degree of security and trust because they are prepared to respond to any threat within your system. In addition to this, this browser has several security weaknesses, so an extension is needed to reinforce the protection and those offered by VPN services are the best.


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