Volkswagen Taos 2021 Made in Mexico for the world!

Volkswagen’s SUVs sets the example in the segment with a lot of equipment and safety

The Volkswagen SUVs have gone from having only a couple of elements to become one of the most complete in the market and with the addition of Taos to their portfolio, Volkswagen seems to have a design for every lifestyle.

The Taos comes to complement the offer not only in Volkswagen but in the entire market, in this new subcategory of compact SUVs, which has filled its ranks quite quickly, as they try to serve a new type of customer looking for a more personal vehicle, of good handling and with a lot of technology included.

Taos is between a T-Cross that has more contained dimensions and performance like a  Tiguan, with abundant space as the main menu, better designed for large families.

The comparison is almost obligatory for all the comments we have received: Taos “is the Volkswagen Ateca” and well: yes and no.

True, both SUVs have a similar approach, with a particular target customer, they are also based on the same MQB platform, use the 1.4-litre TSI engine and clearly share body panels.

However, the similarities end here, because, from these terms, each one goes a different way to meet the same needs or, almost.

For example, Ateca maintains that European flavour that enthusiasts love a lot, with a stiffer suspension perfect for twisty roads and a slightly better quality of materials from Volkswagen.

On the other hand, Taos presents a more oriented tuning for one of the most important markets in the world and one that has resisted the charms of the products of the German house for years, the American.

As in Mexico, in the United States, interior space is prioritized, especially in the second row of seats, as well as a suspension adjustment that transmits greater comfort, especially when driving on a wide highway at a good pace. And this is not to say that Taos does not perform well in corners, the poise is quite good, but that is one of the main differences.

New Design

Also, Taos introduces a new design language that is quite attractive, with new LED headlights, various character lines, and contrasting black inserts on the front fascia that look great.

As if that were not enough, this Highline top version adds a unique LED strip that crosses the entire grill and gives it a very characteristic signature at night and the two-colour aluminum wheels are added in this section.

The rear is much more conservative, although it does not look dated and it must also be said, the discreet, but effective change in the Volkswagen logo also favours it, it is the first model to use it.

Modern interior

Inside, the positive change remains, with a cabin that feels modern and well-accomplished at first glance, the dash layout, attractive new steering wheel and upholstery colour scheme all help a lot in this regard.

As we already mentioned, the space for the occupants of the second row is quite good, especially for the legs, while the trunk is also sufficient with its 455 litres, although the same Ateca advertises 510 liters.

It must also be said that not everything is honey on flakes in the interior of Taos because the cost reduction compared to the European Ateca is mainly noticeable in the interior materials.

For example, the upper plastic of the dashboard is rigid and the texture of the lower parts of the center console and the doors may seem a bit cheap, although you also have to be aware that the assembly is very careful and the plastic inserts gloss and textile on the dash, along with the dual-tone finishes on the doors go so far as to offset this cost reduction.

In the end, Taos joins the brand’s SUV catalog, not only as another member but as one of the most complete and rounded products in its range and also within its segment, especially in terms of safety.

We wouldn’t be surprised if all the advanced safety equipment, along with some cosmetic enhancements that we see in Taos today, can be seen in the Tiguan upgrade and one of those, even the Jetta.

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