VoIP: What Are the Best Features for Small Businesses?

small business VoIP solutions

VoIP and video conferencing have increased by almost 210% during the pandemic. The transition to hybrid and remote workplaces is primarily to blame for this. According to 67% of organizations surveyed, small business VoIP helps handle calls. Therefore, the business phone system is no longer connected to a specific location, making it possible to manage a company with workers dispersed across several sites effectively. VoIP also helps organizations cut expenditures tremendously. The technology is less expensive than a conventional landline-based system.

Additionally, calling plans are frequently less expensive, and a business can easily add different numbers for a relatively smaller fee. For small enterprises, small business VoIP solutions have several valuable characteristics. However, owners are frequently busy and may need more time to activate them.

Want to know which characteristics most effectively promote efficiency, productivity, and a good caller experience? Here are a few features of using cloud-based business phone systems.

Prominent Features of Using a Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

We’ve compiled a list of the top characteristics of small business VoIP to help you better understand the advantages of VoIP in everyday life.

Automated Attendant

Automated attendants in VoIP systems can be customized to fit the needs of a business. They may be programmed to offer information regarding business hours, directions, and frequently asked questions. The automated attendant in VoIP systems can improve call handling efficiency and reduce the need for a passionate receptionist. Additionally, it may boost the professional image of a small business by giving an immediate and efficient means of handling incoming calls.


It seems insignificant to play calming music for callers who are waiting. However, it may significantly affect lead generation and client happiness. We noticed some startling data from a study comparing holding music to being quiet if participants waited on hold for a minute. 

Results revealed that:

  • Over half of the callers hung up while waiting quietly. 
  • Only 13% of callers placed on hold with music hung up.

In addition, 45% of the non-hanging-up silent group said they had been on hold for 3-5 minutes, and only one minute passed while on hold. In contrast, 56% of those listening to music believed their wait time to be under a minute. You can notice the impact of turning on just one straightforward VoIP system function. Customers may become happier, and fewer leads may hang up before getting through to anyone.

Ring Groups

Ring groups are a handy tool if you have a small team. It enables multiple numbers to ring once until one picks up. These are a perfect setup for sales, accounting, and customer service teams.

Find Me/Follow Me 

What aspect of VoIP is most favored by users? The Find Me/Follow Me tool, said 77% of the employees polled, is the problem. It involves having a virtual phone number that is reachable on all platforms. Additionally, staff can quickly shift calls from one device to another. You can receive your calls whether you use a computer, are in a meeting space, or use a smartphone. This function makes communication more accessible, and only one phone number needs to be shared. Callers can then use that number to get the person via the home office, mobile, or onsite office.

Reporting Calls 

The ability to receive real-time call reporting is another advantage VoIP phone systems have over analog ones. When are you most busy, and when do you require more employees? Do you find it annoying when calls are not returned promptly? Your company can get the answers it needs with the help of CNWR. You may learn more from your call reporting. Check out these reports, and then automate your favorite ones so you can see them frequently.

Call Monitoring and Training

Small business VoIP features made for these uses make it simpler to train current employees to undertake new responsibilities and move them to different departments. Call monitoring allows supervisors to hear calls and counsel staff members. If necessary, they can join the call as well.

Advanced Call Analytics

Managers and team leaders may quickly monitor how successfully the system and teams handle calls in various departments with the help of powerful call analytics integration. With the help of this. you can have deep knowledge of your business and how to achieve your targets and goals, including who is calling, when they are calling, and how long the call lasts.

Hybrid Technology

VoIP systems can connect to any gadget, including a laptop, smartphone, or computer. Your staff can join conversations, collaborate, conduct video or audio conferences, share their screens during calls quickly, and do much more. Small business VoIP solutions providers must add the remote and flexible work technology capabilities required for the organization to prosper regardless of where its employees are to fulfill the expectations of a hybrid work environment. In addition to keeping an eye on tasks, workloads, and workspaces, managers will have complete information about their teams and talent.

Local Assistance 

Although it’s not a system feature, it’s crucial to have. When you sign up for VoIP from a provider halfway around the world, you are without local support. Your local connection is CNWR. It’s essential to have someone who can visit your office. They can assist you in optimizing mobile apps, ring groups, and more VoIP desk phone settings. One of the most necessary pieces of technology is your company’s phone system. Ensure you get the local assistance you require to maintain its dependability.


Going through a long list of voicemails after leaving a meeting might be annoying. You must listen to each one to decide who to call back first. VoIP providers that offer voicemail to email allow you to receive recorded voicemails via email, and transcribe the message. You can rank callbacks by quickly skimming the emails and reading the text—no need to first hear each note. 

Notification Workflows

When a specified event occurs on your phone system, Notification Workflows, a customizable (honestly deceptively easy) tool, sends out a notification or series of alerts. They can be handy for dealing with emergencies, responding quickly to angry customers, or even ensuring you get all the voicemails. These circumstances and many more can be immediately notified using Notification Workflows by email, SMS, Chrome push notifications, etc. They’re a crucial tool for preventing problems from becoming emergencies, especially for small business VoIP teams with too much on their plates.

Softphone Applications 

Softphones are the perfect feature for VoIP solutions for small businesses trying to cut costs and be mobile, whether you’re working from the office or at home. Softphones are VoIP programs that directly mimic a desk phone’s features on your computer screen. That’s right, VoIP enables you to eliminate those hardware costs while also offering your staff excellent capabilities, unless you enjoy the feel of a physical phone.

Bottom Line

As you can see, small business owners need various VoIP options with their phone service. Ensure your package includes an auto attendant to reduce the cost of hiring a receptionist. Confirm that the devices you’ll use to handle business calls are compatible with the program; however, if you need to integrate your cloud-based phone system with your entire technology environment, contact the best business VoIP solution providers and get on-time consultation.