Visugu – YouTube Editing for Beginners

1. Post Your Videos Consistently

It takes time and a lot of practice to make great videos. If you continue making them, you will get even better. However, you will never publish a video if you doubt yourself and you feel like your videos are not perfect.

It is difficult for me to watch the videos we made 3 years ago. I cannot stand them because they look bad, especially the zoom-in and out and outdated transitions. They were bad because it was my first time in front of the camera. However, we did not let it stop us from sharing the videos. We have never stopped improving. With unlimited video editing ensure that your videos are professional.

You must have a goal if you want to use videos to build your business. For instance, you can decide to publish 2 videos every week or 1 video every month. However, you need to set a realistic goal. Once you set your goal, focus on your goal. You will not like all the videos you will make, but do not stop making them. Once you submit your video, begin working on the next one.

2. Use the Delete Button

Using the same things on the same video can kill your video. If you shot the Eiffel Tower at different angles, you do not have to include all the footage in your video. It is better to include the best shots. You can even delete the rest of the footage.

Do not show the same thing all the time. It becomes repetitive and it can kill your video. Most of your viewers might even lose interest, so they are more likely to close your video and search for another video. It is important to keep your audience engaged. Deleting some of the footage can even help you achieve this.

3. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

There are more skilled, experienced, and popular video creators than you. It is difficult to compete with them. However, they can inspire you since you will see what you can achieve if you work hard. Do not let them create some doubts in your mind. Having doubts can stop you from publishing your videos.

If you see a huge channel, just know there was a time the channel had no views, audience, and subscribers. If there are more than 1M subscribers on the channel and the owner earns a full-time income from their channel, just know they started where you are right now.

4. Study Your Favorite Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

You can watch and study your favorite videos. You will learn a lot. If you see a perfect shot, you need to find out how they did it. You can rewatch the best shots and pay attention to the way the camera moves. It is easy to learn from these videos.

I love ‘Departures’, which is a travel show. I loved it due to the cinematography. The show follows two friends, Justin and Scott. They are traveling around the world. They travel with Andre – their cameraman. The show is on Netflix, so you can watch it if you have not. Just and Scott are entertaining while Andre does great work with the camera. You will love the dramatic pans, sweeping landscapes, and more.

5. Remember to Optimize Your Videos for SEO

A lot of people search for videos on YouTube. Therefore, you need to optimize your videos for SEO to make it easy for your viewers to find your videos. Do not just upload your videos and wait for the traffic to increase. It might never happen.

I have seen several YouTubers create high-quality video content. However, they do not focus on ranking their videos on YouTube. Do not just spend more time filming and editing your video. You also need to spend some time optimizing your videos to make sure they are found easily.

How do you optimize your videos for SEO?

1. Write a descriptive title

You need to make sure people can understand what your video is about just by reading your video title. You also need to add your keyword in the video title. Do not write “Vlog number 1 – Ahahaa.” Instead, writing something like “Travel to Maui”. More people are more likely to click a descriptive video.

2. Use Tags

What are tags? They are keywords you will include in your videos. Using tags makes it easy for people to find your videos. If you are publishing a video about traveling to Maui, you can add keywords, such as Maui, road trip, traveling, Hawaii, and more. I hope you understand.

3. Write a Description

You need to tell your audience what your video is about. YouTube uses video descriptions and keywords to rank videos. You can use the description box to write a brief description. You need to make sure your description is search engine friendly. Some people go through the description before watching the video. If they do not find a description, they might not watch your videos.