Visita el Rancho de John Wayne en Durango

Durango is one of the largest states in northern Mexico, but it is also one of the least explored. To get a transparent sample of its essence, you need to travel to the capital. The official name of the capital is Victoria de Durango, a quiet and relaxing city. The ideal is to sleep in one of the central hotels so that you can explore quietly. Hotel Gobernador offers comfortable and spacious rooms, as well as a beautiful garden and swimming pool. Hostal La Monja is also a good choice, a beautifully restored mansion in the heart of the tourist center.

In a historic center like Durango, one of the first to catch the attention of visitors is architecture, which made INAH aware that this is the northern city with the most historic buildings. .. The most iconic walk begins at the quarry kiosk in the heart of Plaza de Armas. This kiosk is a wooded area with several fountains that refresh the warm atmosphere.

On one side of the square, you need to go to the front façade of the cathedral Menor de la Prisima Concepcion carved in the quarry, one of the most representative materials of this mining area, to see the details of its decoration. .. It’s Baroque, but it’s quite calm. For those who want to see a more vibrant example of Baroque, we recommend visiting the Holy Museum in the cathedral, which exhibits more than 500 works of art. The palace of Count Valle de Stil and the building of what is now the Francisco Villa Museum also represent the classic architectural style of the colonial city.

Those who go with their children will want to save the morning to find out about Bebeleche, which is a museum that specializes mainly in science and is so much enjoyed by children. In fact, there are samples of my favorite dinosaurs, young and old. Another interesting space to go with your family is the Durango Ganot-Pechar Archaeological Museum. The museum exhibits a rich archaeological collection from this part of the country (not only Durango, but also Zacatecas, Nayarit, Jalisco, Sinaloa). And forget about the Municipal Museum 450, a dedicated space to tell visitors the history of Durango, where you can see a large model showing how people lived on these lands at different times. Must not be.

The walk continues through Corredor Constitución, a pedestrian area dedicated to those who are not in a hurry and want to see and taste everything sold within the eight blocks it covers. At lunchtime, you’ll need to sit in one of the restaurants in this corridor and try Durangueño Bros, a dish that contains all of the region’s flagship ingredients. Dried beef, past chili (wahiyo chili dehydrated for a long time in the sun)). Time), roasted poblano pepper and cumin. At the center of the night, everything emits a golden light that dramatically accentuates each space.

If you’re one of those who are always looking for gifts and souvenirs to take home, one of the state’s specialties due to the dry, semi-dry climate that forces you to book some of the seasonal fruits. Ask about one jam, because if the next harvest is not so generous, save them in some way. Therefore, before you leave Durango, you should buy a few bottles to make sure they are fully functional. There is also a classic sweet lollipop with scorpions inside (very classic in the area) and a mezcal version of a bottle of liquor with scorpions inside.

The extraordinary beauty of Durango’s natural landscape attracted the attention of the domestic and international film industry over 60 years ago. With five microclimates on its territory, such states always provide a place to tell the cowboy story well. The first film recorded was White Feather in 1954, followed by many works such as The Mask of Zorro, Dragonball Evolution, Bandidas, and the television series Texas Rising.

One of the most requested places to shoot today in the 70’s is the theme park Paseo del Vie Hoo Este. This open set features restaurants, shops, and a variety of atmospheres that recreate the life of a typical western American town. The sight of the duel to death that you can participate in is a real activity from Durango.

Western icon John Wayne bought Rancho La Joya after shooting for the first time in Durango. His fascination with the nation led him to build his own set on his property, where he recorded the last two films he played.

But not all are filmmaking. The Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains cover more than half of the state’s territory and constitute a natural landscape of very strange shapes and structures that excites adrenaline-seekers. One of the great surprises of a visit to Durango is its abundant ecotourism offering. For example, in the Mexiquillo Natural Park, less than two hours from the capital, travellers will find waterfalls, forests, natural tunnels, and towering volcanic gardens from another world. The terrain allows you to cycle in the mountains and climb walls, making it ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts.

If you want to get closer to nature but want to be quieter, you’ll need to camp in El Techan National Park, birdwatch during the day and stare at night (you can also rent a cabin).

To get stronger emotions, you have to go to Mapimi, one of the state’s mining towns. There is a suspended structure, Puente de Ohaela, which stands 120 meters above the canyon. You can walk or fly across the zipline for spectacular views.

There are also water activities for explorers of all levels. Swimming in the pool does not mean a remarkable adventurous spirit, but canyoning at Kebrada de Piatra, north of Durango, is one of the most difficult challenges to conquer in the Sierra Madre Occidental.

To finish the tour around Durango, it is one of the most challenging attractions in Otinapa’s municipality. Jump in free fall 35 meters from the El Chico Railway Bridge. From there, the landscape of the Otinapa Plains is simply spectacular.