Visa 602 Australia- A Pathway for your medical treatment in Australia

In the event that you wind up in a circumstance where you may need to remain in Australia for longer than anticipated due to requiring medical treatment or to help somebody who requires medical treatment, the Medical Treatment Visa 602 Australia may help. With the world in the manner that it is presently, we thought it relevant to share data that may be useful to our perusers.

Who is Visa 602 Australia for?

Visa 602 Australia is relevant for the individuals who wish to show up in Australia for medical purposes – either for treatment or discussions.

How would I get this visa 602 Australia?

To get the subclass 602 visa:

  • You should have a medical discussion or a medical treatment plan set up in Australia, or
  • You should be coming as an organ benefactor, or
  • You should be going with a patient or organ benefactor who is applying for this visa, or
  • You should be coming to get an organ from another person.

There are likewise a few elements you have to evade, for example,

  • Not having a medical condition that could be a danger to the general wellbeing in Australia.
  • Not holding a subclass 426 visa or a subclass 403 visa (Domestic Worker stream).

Are there some other conditions?

On the off chance that you don’t have a medical discussion or medical treatment plan set up, at that point you should be available in Australia. You should likewise be in any event 50 years old, and been denied lasting residency on wellbeing grounds as it were.

In addition, you should meet the money related, wellbeing, and character prerequisites of the Australian government.

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What are the highlights and advantages of this visa?

The subclass 602 is a brief visa and awards you home in Australia for medical treatment. Besides, you can:

Study for as long as a quarter of a year with this visa, given that you are over 18 years of age.

Enter and leave Australia the same number of times as you need while this visa is legitimate.