Virtual Whiskey Tasting: A Peek Inside a New World

Virtual whiskey tasting events allow you to learn how some of the best whiskeys in the world are produced, along with other interesting facts – without leaving the comfort of your home. Hosts explain to the attendees how to taste, nose, and evaluate whiskeys like a bunch of pros.

You can customize the tastings to include various types of whiskeys like Irish whiskey, rye, scotch, bourbon, and other brands. Based on the budget and preferences of your attendees, you’d need to determine the type, size, and the number of samples to ship to your attendees. 

What happens during virtual whiskey tasting?

An expert ambassador or steward guides attendees through the distilling process, history of whiskey, and tasting of usually 3-5 flavors, each with its own culture, tradition, and history.

A sample of each flavor profile along with possible food pairings is shipped to the attendees before the virtual whiskey tasting event. Without this step, the ‘tasting’ portion cannot be executed. Guests are usually shipped sample sizes ranging from 10 to 500 ml.

The ambassador or stewards explains how to detect subtle nuances in each flavor profile.

What’s the ideal duration of virtual whiskey tasting events?

It depends on the number of flavor profiles to be tasted during the event. Apart from that, the total duration also depends on the audience questions.

Generally, these events can take anywhere between 60-90 minutes. Anything more than that should be enticing enough to keep the attention of your audience.

How much does it cost?

Besides investing in a virtual event management platform, you’d need to pay for the selection of whiskeys, of course. The type, size, and number of samples would impact the overall cost as well. Some estimates suggest that the average price per guest is about $100, excluding the shipping costs.

The additional fee may include food pairings (if you decide to offer those) as well as custom glassware. Since whiskey tasting is common in the corporate world, many companies choose to feature branding and a corporate logo in their customized virtual whiskey tasting kits.

Is there a less expensive way to host a virtual whiskey tasting party?

Whiskey tasting is not exclusive to the corporate world. Any whiskey connoisseur can host these events. Understandably, not everyone may have a vast corporate-level budget for it. But that shouldn’t stop you from having some fun, should it?

There are some ways you can cut down the costs. And one of them is called “Bring your own” whiskey tastings. In this method, your attendees bring their own drinks, which is typically less expensive than shipping the samples.

And since this is not a corporate event, you don’t need to spend on branding and customization either. All you would really need is a virtual event management platform

Who hosts virtual whiskey tasting?

As mentioned, a brand ambassador or an expert steward is responsible for hosting these events. But sometimes, the head distiller or a whiskey sommelier leads virtual tastings. You’d need to contact vendors or distilleries that can ship the assortment of whiskey samples to your attendees.

Remember that your guests must be above 21 years of age. Otherwise, they cannot accept the delivery. Your vendor will also be responsible for sending the food pairings and custom glassware, if you choose to include them. Usually, they don’t charge a shipping fee.

But some vendors might charge for expedited shipping.

Do vendors offer food pairing recommendations?

Yes, they do. Food pairings such as chocolate and cheese are common with whiskey. That said, you may simply ask your vendor about the food pairing options. Some vendors also offer to customize the tasting experience for attendees with any dietary restrictions.

Attendees may also pick a food pairing of their choice and pay for it themselves. It all depends on your virtual whiskey tasting requirements.

Even though in-person whiskey tasting has been put in the backseat by the pandemic, it will return. That said, we’re lucky enough to live in an age where virtual whiskey tasting is a reality. You’re neither bound by geography nor zeal to bring the energy of whisky camaraderie to the online world.

 So, what are you waiting for?