Virtual Number: New Solution for Commercial and Personal Leverage

The use of virtual numbers (VNs) is becoming more and more popular. This service is used by many people to come in touch with friends and relatives abroad. Businessmen prefer this solution for sales improvement and for creating a positive image in the eyes of customers.

Virtual number service peculiarities

It’s easy to choose a VN service. You have to simply understand the purposes a VN is needed and focus on certain basic selection criteria. The Freezvon company concentrates its activities on the worldwide market and offers to purchase a decent online US number (together with all the additional features). The organization can get Montgomery (Alabama) code (334), Gordo and Calera (205), Jackson (251), Alaska (907), etc. You can contact support to get your questions answered. The organization has a perfect work algorithm that suits all customers. It’s easy to connect to a virtual PBX and fully enjoy various service benefits.

  • You can purchase a VN online at any time.
  • This solution is much cheaper and more profitable than buying a SIM card.
  • The number can be also used to receive SMS messages.
  • Flexible call forwarding is organized by VoIP telephony using the SIP protocol.
  • Services support multichannel transmission and reception of calls and SMS.
  • No need to buy a new SIM card.
  • Fast and clear registration saves you time.
  • The service is easy to use and offers quick access to messages.
  • Great attention is paid to security and reliability.
  • Toll-free numbers provide mentioned numbers for free support of your clients and partners.
  • Monthly costs for telephone calls will be reduced by at least 30% and even by all 50%. Imagine that you have a fairly small company that sells on the domestic market. Every penny counts and you need to find a way to spare cash.
  • The purchase of a VN will save on the maintenance of a large office. You do not have to install your telephone line for each workplace. It will be enough to create it virtually without buying additional equipment.
  • Safety. We all know that you need to link a mobile phone to create a page on a social network. However, network security is unreliable and there is always the possibility of recognizing your mobile phone by third-party persons. You don’t have to risk your confidential information so it’s better to buy a VN.
  • SMM advertising. Link a VN to a special program for promotion and your social network group is guaranteed to rise to the top sales on the Internet.

The service has achieved impressive success in the presented area, which cannot but rejoice. Special attention deserves the professional work of the managers, who provide assistance. Moreover, you can pay for the purchase in any convenient way. At the moment, bank cards, electronic wallets, various payment terminals, and so on are available. There will be no questions or problems related to the transactions making. The service has intuitive control and the website presents all the essential information in the most accessible format. The protection of personal data deserves special attention.

Toll-free numbers: information you have to know

The 8 800 service enables a company to organize a free-of-charge communication channel for its customers from anywhere in the USA (both from a landline and a mobile phone). It allows you to automate the processing of incoming calls as much as possible, forward them to different specialists depending on time, and territorial criteria, and organize VIP, black, and other lists.

Calls can be automatically distributed to the regional offices of the enterprise depending on the county from which the call is made. Calls from each client are processed and sent to the required phone or source, where they must be received by a company employee. Weekend calls can be forwarded to the central office number and on weekdays they can be distributed according to the regional principle. Today customers with advanced requirements and a complex routing scheme can manage the number directly through a personal account. The operator provides statistical information on processed calls, the ability to quickly change the call forwarding scheme, and resolve any technical issue. The number itself is not tied to a specific place and can “move” with the company within the region and beyond.