Virtual Events vs. In-Person Events: Why You Should Host Your Event Online?

What if you could have your event in the comfort of your own home? With virtual events, that is now possible. Virtual events offer a variety of advantages over in-person events, including lower cost, increased accessibility, and more consistency. Businesses that host virtual events do not worry about hiring staff, finding locations, or dealing with the cost of travel and accommodation. That means you can host a series of virtual events at a fraction of the cost of the traditional in-person variety.

The top benefits of virtual events give the way to reach people and get people to attend your event. It allows you to share ideas and experiences without going out into the world. Your attendees will also be able to participate from anywhere, as long as they have internet access. You can do it from the comfort of your home, on your own schedule, and even work on them while you are at work! Plus, they are usually cheaper than going out in person.

Just remember that if your business has a smaller footprint, and is already set in the offline world, hosting it by adding the benefits of virtual events will provide you more opportunities to connect with your customers. Even if all your clients are already attending an inbound event or gathering, it is still worth the effort. It allows you to expand your reach, which is always a good thing. So, if hosting an event is part of your brand, now is a great time to get your ideas together and make it happen. There are many ways to gain audience feedback in virtual events. Virtual events survey questions can be tricky as getting your audience to take part & share their views is a tedious task.

If you are wondering whether you should host your event online or not, keep reading to learn the top reasons why you should.

The Benefits of Virtual Events over In-Person Events


An event organizer can sometimes cancel or postpone the event due to emergency situations. The recent global pandemic is the example you all know. The time and energy used to re-plan the in-person event is difficult. Virtual events are much easier to re-plan and re-organize. The flexible benefits of virtual events help to plan and set up a similar event in a matter of weeks.

Data Collection

By using the benefits of virtual events, you can collect valuable information and event data, and it will be readily available. It is used to find what worked and what needs to be eliminated and it helps for future events improvements. But in the physical event, it is a hassle to collect data about the number of attendees; the number of attendees who visited the booth, and many other data. It can take a long time to collect these data in physical events.

Making global connections

In-person contacts at the physical event are not replaceable, but what decides a successful event – is a diverse connection and valuable interaction. Hence the success depends on the interaction with a wider audience. By hosting a virtual event, anyone can connect from part of the world with the comfort of their place without any travel expenses and accommodation charges. You can easily engage with speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors at fraction of the time and this will be qualified benefits of virtual events over physical. So, organizers can reach a wider audience from the entire world in a single virtual events platform.


Pollution, carbon emissions, and eco-friendly are the most commonly used words over the last few years, so all should be aware than ever. Sustainability matters a lot to business and customers. If we fail to address this, we will lose our own eco expectations. Going with the benefits of virtual events will reduce the carbon emissions caused by traveling and can save the environment by reducing pollution. By removing travel, event space, food, and drink suppliers, you can reduce the environmental impact and show the audience what you care about.

Bottom line

Virtual events are the fastest-growing event type. The demand is high, and the cost savings are significant. As a result, more and more businesses are choosing to host events online. The benefits of virtual events are numerous: They are accessible to more people, cost less than in-person events, and lead-time is shorter than traditional events. While in-person events are not for everyone, if you are looking for a way to reach your audience without traveling or hiring staff, virtual events are a great option. Take the opportunity to show the audience that you are moving towards the future and can win at any difficult time. HexaFair is used to deliver metaverse on events and smart virtual fairs at every scale and is known to create immersive experiences for the audience.  


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)