Virtual Cricket

For a cricket lover it is impossible to stay away from cricket. It doesn’t matter whatsoever be the platform. All this includes repeatedly checking of scores, following favourite team and players on social media, being part of some club or academy to stay connected with the sport.

This period of pandemic has taught all of us lesson of transformation. But this doesn’t mean we should compromise in enjoyment. With the advancement in technology we have many platforms that provide real-time experience similar to that of real world.

Criconet is one such platform which gives users real-time experience of cricket. Built with exciting features it provide e-pavilion for cricket enthusiasts where a player can play with the computer as well as can invite friends. Also you can play with the other players available over there. Invitation to other players and friends can be sent through mails.

Playing virtually doesn’t require professional skills. Playing on this platform has number of benefits. No need to go out on the field to play with friend as your friend is just a click away. If there is nobody to play you have computer to play with.

The interface is different from other platforms. It uses dice rolling technique. There are two dice. One which shows the stroke and another which shows the value of stroke. The entertainment of user is surely going to get double as the platform is not limited to batting and bowling . It facilitates users with 6 tracks and 6 fielding positions in each of the track. You can change the fielding by clicking the change button.  You can set fielding according to your game requirement and improve your strategy analysis sitting at home.

It emerges out to be an amazing platform giving thunderboult experience to its users. With such stunning features it has given virtual cricket new dimensions.

With this wishing users more excitement, more entertainment and double fun.


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