Top Ten Ways To Use Vintage Wallpapers

Vintage items add a lot more soul to your surroundings. When mixed with modern pieces of furniture, the colour, contrast, and texture give a unique personality to your room. As with anything vintage, the vintage wallpapers too complement everything in your house.

Wallpapers have a magical ability to transform the look of any room instantly. A simple change of wallpaper can completely alter your space, making it brighter and livelier. Vintage wallpapers ramp up the appeal of your homes, giving them an out-of-an-interior-magazine look. However, there are so many ways that you can utilise vintage wallpapers. Below, Rocky Mountain introduces you to 10 amazing ways you can use vintage floral wallpaper.

Vintage Wallpaper Stair

Those who don’t have stairs in their home would want one draped in vintage wallpaper! You can use exquisite vintage wallpapers that are in contrast with your décor to create a striking staircase that you will look for excuses to use. You can use a similar sheet of wallpaper or go for a different one for each stair to create a look you envision for your home.

Framed Vintage Wallpaper Scraps

Vintage wallpapers can also be adorned on the walls of your room that will add more meaning and appeal to your surroundings. You can use cuttings from multiple wallpapers and get them framed. Choose different styles of frames and group them on the wall near a light source so that they give out a classy and sophisticated look.

Wrap Up Lampshades

You can add more colour to your ceilings by covering the lampshades with different wallpapers. To create a more retro vibe, use wallpaper with colours that are in contrast to the walls. Placing these lamps at varying heights will exude an ultra-stylish aura.

Decking Up The Headboard

If you are thinking of revamping your or the kid’s room, there is another way that you can achieve an incredible look. Choose beds with long headboards that can then be covered up in a vintage wallpaper that complements the colour scheme of your room. It is another amazing way to use the wallpaper for changing the outlook of your place.

Lining Drawers With A Wallpaper

Opening the drawer and watching beautiful colours pop up every time is the best feeling! For those who have white drawers, the wallpapers help in creating a more vibrant look. Chest drawers or table drawers in the living room or corridor will look brand new and unique with a vintage wallpaper lining.

A Combination of Peel and Stick Wallpapers

Instead of choosing a single pattern wallpaper, you can find multiple peel and stick wallpapers in Canada that you can group to create a distinctive wall. It will not only make your wall look classy, but the patchwork wall stirs up a unique aura in the room, taking you back in time when things were more genuine and meaningful.

Wallpaper Backed Bookcases

Books are known for their ability to take you into a faraway land. From their impressive covers to tantalizing summaries, all are an inspiring affair. You can add to their charm by wrapping their cases with beautiful wallpapers. With the wallpapers plastered over the walls of the bookcase, your entire study can be turned in to a whole new world.

Pasting The Alcoves

You can keep the décor to a minimum while giving a vintage touch by not going for the entire wall. You can paste the alcoves with the vintage wallpapers to give it a nice vintage look while maintaining contemporary minimalistic furnishing.

Stepping On A Floral Floor

Allow your creative self to experiment. You can add your floral vintage wallpapers to your floorboards. Stick the different patterns along each board, you san furiously to create a distressed feel. Your nice floral floor is ready for you to walk on!

Rocky Mountain Decals provides you with a stunning range of wallpapers in Canada so that you can deck your homes. Give them a nice vintage touch, or go for modern designs so that you create a place anyone would fall in love with. Buy your favourite wallpaper, mural, or decals from the best wall-reviving shop!