Vintage Motorcycle Helmets: The Helmet to Show the Old Fashioned Display

Vintage helmets have long been around the headgear market since the evolution of the vintage era. Riders like to display the symbol of status to show how fun and thrilling motorcycle riding is. 

Since head protection is the main priority of road safety, each rider needs to find the right vintage headgear that will save them from the crash. 

To enjoy the cool and old-fashioned display, I am going to provide you with a guide on vintage motorcycle helmets. 

Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

What are Vintage Motorcycle Helmets?

Before you plan to buy a vintage display helmet, you should have some knowledge about the existence of vintage helmets. The evolution of vintage helmets have been found in open face and half face headgears as these types of helmets were common around that time. 

With the growing awareness of road safety, helmet brands have made a full face and other helmet types to save from the crash. Open and half face helmets provide natural ventilation but do not add safe head protection. 

Buying Guides for Vintage Looking Motorcycle Helmets

Each rider must find a suitable vintage style helmet to enjoy the cool display of the retro era and provide safe protection from the crash. If you are one of those riders who enjoy riding with an old school motorcycle helmet, you need to consider buying guides before you jump into your favourite helmet shell. 

The buying guides mention below:

Legal safety standards

Before you jump into vintage motorcycle helmets, it is best to check the legal safety standards. They appear at the back of the helmet to show a headgear is safe and legal to ride on the street. Since not all helmets carry a legal safety stamp, it is best to check the legal stamps. They are DOT, ECE and Snell. To buy a suitable old school motorcycle helmet is to check the legal safety stamps. 

Head size and shape

The head size and shape is the most important factor to consider as the correct head size and shape saves from the crash. To know your head size is to take a measuring tape and measure from the inch above your eyebrows around to the midway of your head. You will get your head size. To find your head shape is to flatten your hair and take the picture above your head. Three head shapes are round, intermediate and long oval. To search for the right vintage helmet is to check your head size and shape. 

Interior padding

The interior padding is the most important feature in motorcycle helmets as the inner liner helps to displace energy in the middle of an impact. Since not all retro motorcycle helmets have sufficient padding, it is best to check the thickness of the interior padding. This will give you an idea of the energy displacement in the middle of an impact. 


The materials demonstrate long-lasting headgear that will demonstrate the old fashion display of motorcycle riding. Different helmets have made different materials that are polycarbonate, carbon fiber, fibreglass composite, thermoplastic alloy and ABS shell. How you want, a vintage helmet depends on the materials offered. To ensure long-lasting protection is to go for a helmet that offers durable materials. 


The weight of the helmet comes into consideration as lightweight gear reduces the pressure on the head and neck. This varies from helmet to helmet, as not all headgears have the same weight. To enjoy the cool display of the old-fashioned helmet is to go for a helmet that is lightweight enough. 

Helmet types

Retro style motorcycle helmets avail in the most open face and half face helmets. With the growing awareness of road safety, helmet manufacturers have added advanced functions to allow safe head protection. Other helmet types avail in the old-fashioned display. Do take care that each helmet type has its pros and cons. To buy the safest vintage motorcycle helmets is to consider the helmet types for your ride. 

Retention system

The retention system is the helmet’s biggest security as the straps help to add further protection from the crash. Different helmets have different retention systems, which you should try to strap around your chin. When trying the chin straps, be sure the straps should fit no more than two fingers inserted. To buy a suitable vintage helmet is to consider the retention system. 

Eye protection

Eye protection is as important as head protection as your eyes need a wide field of vision without any distraction getting your way. Some nostalgic motorcycle helmets have one visor and others have a range of visors to ride in different environments. How often you ride depends on the eye protection needed. To buy vintage motorcycle helmets is to consider eye protection. 

Wrap Up 

Here are the buying guides for vintage motorcycle helmets where the vintage headgear displays the retro era of motorcycle riding. Riders like to show off the cool display of riding a motorcycle to show a thrilling ride on the street. If you plan to buy vintage leather motorcycle helmets, just refer to the buying guides above. 

So refer to the guides and enjoy the ride!