Vietnam Airlines Booking – Step by Step Information

My Vietnam trip had been long due but the plan was finally successful as I asked a friend to join me on the trip. He asked me to book the tickets and I began my research for good deals. I came across the deals and offers of Vietnam Airlines that were quite good. I made the Vietnam Airlines Booking for both of us. It was a good idea to make reservations with the flag carrier of Vietnam as they had special deals for the flights coming to Vietnam. 


How did I make the Vietnam Airlines Booking?

If you are not aware of the booking procedure then you can follow the steps mentioned below for the same:


  • To make Vietnam Airlines reservations you need to have an internet connection
  • Go to the official site of Vietnam Airlines
  • Now go to the home page of the site
  • Simply enter your credentials like the name of the passenger, origin, destination, travel date, the number of passengers along with the type of trip. 
  • Now you will be able to witness the flights available with Vietnam. 
  • You can simply make a selection on the flight which is suitable for you. 
  • Now you have to enter the details of the passenger 
  • Make the payment by selecting the payment method 
  • Once you have made the payment you will receive a confirmation MSG or mail. 

Our experience in Vietnam:

Marble Mountains 

The most five famous hills in the south of Da Nang are a hub of caves that were occupied as hospitals and sanctuaries in the Vietnam War. These are named upon the five segments of the earth, wood, water, wind, and fire. We felt the freshness in the wind apart from that these mountains are perfect for vacationing, engaging in adventurous valley activities and traverse Buddhist sanctuaries

Khai Dinh Tomb:

The Khai Dinh tomb is located in the hue and is the classic blend of both the European and the Vietnamese scheme features. The tomb’s pompous exterior is embraced in shaded, weathered concrete, with a surprisingly Gothic air, while the insides resemble explosions of bright ceramic collection. The resting point in Dihn is all covered with bronze statues. 

The notice signs in the tomb will help you recognize that the structure of the tomb is defined as Buddhist and Roman Gothic. After entering the complex of the tomb you will be able to enter the Honour Courtyard after the main construction.

Temple of Literature

We were easily able to locate the temple of literature in the city of Hanoi. This city is fully committed to Confucius. The design of the temple is based simultaneously on the birthplace of Confucius with a brilliant main passage and a path, once possessed solely for the emperor, running through the center. The temple is an honorable pace for the people who made fabulous academic achievements and scholars. There are marble sculptures and inscriptions dotted everywhere in the temple which has clutched many of its original designs as the most famous monument of academia in Vietnam. We took a voyage of this temple and viewed a lake and large pagodas. It is a fabulous place if you crave to know the antiquity and culture of Vietnam.  

Hoi An

We were fortunate to tour Vietnam in the new year as we got to witness the Lantern Festival of Vietnam that endures every year. The locals told us that the festival continues for at least seven days and is conducted in the Hoai river square to the Hoi An bridge. There were more than 50 shops that took part in the celebration with attractive lanterns. The sky looked beautiful with thousands of bright-lit lanterns. We enjoyed the culture of Vietnam that made the sky look complete of stars and the sight of the lanterns floating over the river is simply breathtaking. 

Our trip included a visit to the following places as well:

  • Ha Long Bay
  • Bac Ha
  • Mekong Delta
  • Cham Islands
  • Cao Dai Temple
  • Nha Trang
  • Imperial Citadel
  • Nha Trang
  • My Son

We flew back to USA by making Vietnam Airlines Booking and had a relaxing flight. Our experience was tremendous with Vietnam as well as its airline. 

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