Video Walls and You: Why This Tech Matters for Business

Do you want to do something to spice up the look of your office? Instead of adding a splash of color to the walls or going with new furniture, consider using electronics to add some personality and style. 

It isn’t uncommon to walk into a modern office and see a TV or two up on the walls. Instead of having just one TV, consider making a true statement with video walls!

Video walls aren’t just simple screens you put up around the office. They’re an engaging form of digital signage that can make a big impact on clients and your own employees. 

After you see all of the benefits a video wall display can bring your business, you’ll be eager to have one of your own. 

Enhance Collaboration 

Brainstorming meetings, group working sessions, and conference calls are the lifeblood of so many different organizations. If you really want to drive home the importance of teamwork during these meetings, your conference rooms would benefit from having a video wall.

The right audio visual systems can do a lot to improve the typical meeting atmosphere. Imagine all of the space your team will have to create ideas and work together if you had a video wall! 

You won’t have to worry about not having enough room to present something or worry that people can’t see. The collaboration will get a lot easier once you have a great video display. 

Wow Clients 

Want to make sitting and waiting for a meeting to start a lot more fun? Instead of having people play with the phones, set up an engaging display on your video wall for visiting clients. 

You could display some interesting information about your company, but this is also a great opportunity to tie your display wall into sales. Make a special slide that shows the visiting client’s company logo and put up some case studies to show how great it is to work with you. 

Foster Fun 

Do you feel like your office could use a bit more camaraderie and fun? Instead of planning another happy hour, consider using your custom video display to add a bit more fun to the office. 

The break room is always abuzz with talk about the latest sports games, movies, and TV shows. Talking about certain events can be fun, but being able to experience them together could be even better!

Organize watch parties for big games and popular TV shows. Make a family movie night for co-workers with kids so they can have a chance to socialize. 

Show Relevant Information

Is there a big product release going out today? Is the VP in the west coast office giving a big talk today? Are you curious about how your company’s stock is doing? 

We’re living in such an information-rich society. It’s easy for important news to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Instead of expecting your employees and visitors to educate themselves on important company news, show them exactly what they need to know with an LED video wall. 

Go Beyond Video Walls 

Video walls are a great way to add some personality, style, and tech to your office. They can add a lot to your office, but they are far from the only thing you can use to improve your workspace. 

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