Video Marketing for ROI Optimization

Video marketing is a powerful tool to promote your business. It helps you with the storytelling of your brand, passing the most complex messages to your audience and, providing a clear CTA.

Video also provides you with a lot of flexibility in terms of retargeting to the interested prospects. You would have seen some digital commercials that cast a spell on you and they chased you around until you purchased their offer.

There are a lot of different factors involved in creating an amazing video for your business but the ones that you need to make in mind are

  1. Storytelling
  2. Main objective of your video
  3. Cost of production
  4. Effect on your audience

Video marketing has proved it’s worth to a lot of well-established brands and even startups. Even for crowdfunding video yields excellent results.

If your ROI is dropping on your campaigns you need to implement a Video Marketing Strategy. It mostly happens when your audience is fed up of seeing the same old ads again and again.

That’s the clue for bringing in the top gun that is Video.

Facebook retargeting via Video:

I am a big fan or retargeting prospects via video. If you want to know people who are interested in your product you can create audiences of people who have watched 25%, 50%, 75% and 95% video that you uploaded. Now looking through data you can easily figure out that people who watched 75% or 95% of your video are the people who are highly interested in your video.

To maximize your ROI you need to retarget those people at the bottom of the funnel through retargeting ads with a persuasive offer.

Funnel restructure via video:

You can optimize your funnel to perform at the maximum with the help of video. Let’s say you have a funnel where you have a video at top of funnel, Another video at Middle of the funnel and an image ad at the bottom of the funnel.

We, marketers, create the middle of the funnel to further engage people with our brand and then offer them our product to maximize conversions. With video, you can have a list of people who are ready for BOF after seeing your video at TOF that’s why you can retarget those people directly at BOF instead of spending on them at MOF.

People who have watched your video 75% or 95% are people who are ready to make a purchase and should be transferred directly to BOF.

Email Marketing via Video:

Email marketing is as old as the internet itself. I have heard many people saying email marketing doesn’t work like it used to. Well, everything is changing and you have to change yourself with it. Email marketing has innovated a lot in the past years and one of the hottest trends in email marketing now is Video.

Did you know that an email including a video can increase your email click-through rate by up to 300%?

Use videos in your email to create personalized content. You can use customer stories in videos to persuade the prospect to make the buying decision. You can also embed a product explainer video in emails to communicate complex products to your prospects.

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Google ads and video:

People have been seeing Google ads for a long time and many are bored by static display ads. Using video in PPC banners can increase the ROI of your campaign drastically.

The main plus point of using videos is that a good video creates a lasting impression on your prospect that he cannot resist and will get back to your brand to complete the purchase.

Using video on Landing page:

Landing pages play a very important part of any marketing strategy. They are responsible for making or breaking a deal and videos can increase landing page conversions for up to 86%.

Using a product explainer video on the landing page can increase ROI many folds for a brand.


Video has been the hottest trend of this decade and is expected to grow many folds in the upcoming years. Many big brands are using video to market their products and spreading their messages across a wide array of customers. We can see there are many pioneers in Video Marketing, for example, Geico has been rocking the video marketing with their Gecko videos for a while now and people are always hyped to see what they are up to and when their next commercial is coming.

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