Video is the solution to your ads not converting

In this day and age, a video has become a necessity of every business with an online presence. Video content is taking the digital world by storm. In fact, in a reason study conducted by MotionCue, 76% of marketers say that video has shown positive ROI in their marketing efforts. Which means video can bring in results. I have seen many beginner marketers and business owners spending thousands over their failed marketing campaigns. They are unable to turn a positive ROI for their campaigns.

Video promo videos have been a tested method for optimizing the ROI of your campaigns. Many people are uncomfortable in front of a camera and they have a mindset that getting a professional video shoot will cost them thousands of dollars. They don’t even know that people even use Animated videos for advertisements. Many businesses use animated videos in their advertisements and turn around a positive ROI easily. If you looking for an animated advertisement don’t forget to check out our guide on how to calculate costs associated with animated videos

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If you want to work on the video yourself and are confident of your abilities that you’ll be able to pull off a good video yourself. You are in luck because we have compiled a list of traits of a good promotional video in detail and how you can master promotional videos. 

Ok, Now that you have a video, How are you going to use it? Post it on Facebook and Youtube, Start running ads on it. That’s it? 

This is a fact that promotional videos can be very beneficial in marketing campaigns. They can help you turn to optimize your ROI, your brand gets a lot more traction and recognition but the path of success with video doesn’t end there. A video can serve your business in a lot more ways too. We have listed below a couple of them to let you get more out of the buck you spent on getting a video designed.

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 I have heard many marketers saying that video has no effect on SEO and they cannot be more wrong on that. Google’s algorithm is powerful enough to transcribe your video and use it to rank your page. Apart from that google also shows your videos in the video tab of Google search results page. Google loves video because Google knows a page which has a Video contains more thorough information about a specific topic. 

Email Marketing:

 I have seen many marketers make a genuine effort in trying to explain their product in an email but they ended up boring their customer or made the email too lengthy for the attention span of an average person. Many marketers forget the fact that many people check their emails first thing in the morning. Mostly, even before their morning coffee. 

 Instead of writing 500 words in an email, you can easily convey the same message with a 20-second video. Even a promotional video of your video that you got designed for the promotion of your product can work better than text-based emails. You can even integrate videos in your Email marketing campaigns to make them more effective.

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Internal Communication:

 Due to COVID-19, many businesses are struggling with internal communication. The solution to their problem lies in the usage of videos to better communicate and help their colleagues under the message of the company and they will have a better understanding of the product. Even the promotional videos can sometimes be used to provide your coworkers with the idea of your product and service. 

 Internal communication can be made more efficient with videos and can play a big role in the advancement of a company.

In Conclusion, A video is a very valuable investment and can bring in a lot of returns to your business. Before making your decision of getting a promotional video done by a professional agency you should read this article on the best video production agencies and it will make it easy for you to make up your mind.