Video Conferencing App Zoom Tops Download Charts In April

The entire world being under lockdown to fight COVID pandemic crisis, the instances of work from home has increased across the nation. Many companies are asking the employees to work from home to sustain their productivity. Zoom, a video conferencing application, has smoothed the process of work for many companies. India tops the charts the download list in April. It has a close hit of 131 million downloads across the world, and India counts for 18% of zoom installs. 

Despite the security concerns raised by Indian governments, there are many companies using the Zoom application to facilitate the companies’ conferencing needs while the employees work from home. According to data released by the sensor, India tops the list in downloading the zoom application. However, it topped the list of downloads from the Apple store in the month of March itself.

Reasons for top list zoom application

Zoom offers video and screen sharing up to 100 people at a go, which is the prime reason for its application downloads despite security concerns. It has raised the demand for collaboration tools aimed at the covid -19 pandemic. Though Google has opened its doors for premium features of hangouts for free, the Zoom app continued to stay in demand among Indian users. 

Also, the Zoom app is offering free access to Microsoft for k-12 students. Teams using the app will get a six-month subscription for free. 

Many people are working globally; they are looking for tools to keep them connected and foster collaboration while working from home. Given free perks, zoom turns to be good tools for the business, which otherwise would be paid perks for the customers. 

People across the world face uncertain timeliness for social isolation, conferencing apps like zoom can influence daily habits breaking down geographical barriers and fostering the ability to work seamlessly While people work from home. 

How to use the zoom app securely? 

While using the zoom application for video conferences of employees has given rise to many security concerns. The application yet has turned out to be the desired option to stay connected with the team while they work from home. The app has said to have significant weaknesses and cyber attacks. However, users who are willing to use the zoom app despite its vulnerability needs to follow few security guidelines for their safety purpose. This helps in preventing unauthorized entry into conference rooms or preventing an unauthorized participant from carrying out malicious activity. The government of the nation has brought new guidelines after complaints about many instances of leaked passwords and hijacks of video calls midway through the conference. 

Have new passwords for each meeting 

Whether you are working in a big company or shared coworking space in Noida, you may have to conduct meetings to meet your regular or weekly deadlines. Whether you are conducting regular meetings or weekly meetings, you have to create a new password each time you initiate a conference.

Create a waiting room 

When you are creating a conference through a zoom app, you should create a waiting hall. All the participants in the conference will be held in the room and enter the conference only when you give permission. You should disable the feature of joining the conference before hosting. 

Say no file transfers

Files contain vital information about the business. As the app is subjected to cyber attacks, it is better to restrict the transfer of essential data through the app. You can instead use features like Google Drive for large file transfers while you conduct meetings via a zoom app.