Video Advertising 101: How to Make the Best Video Advertising in 2021

Are you thinking of venturing into video advertising? If so, you’re making a wise business decision.

Videos comprise one of the most effective marketing strategy tools. They use aesthetic visual and narrative tactics to convince a potential client that a product is worth buying.

Every once in a while, they also tell the stories of people who benefit from non-profits, demonstrating their flexibility in gaining different institution’s financial support.

But video production might conjure up images of expensive bills and elaborate sets. You might not have the budget for that. But don’t worry! The basics of good video making apply regardless of your budget.

This means you can also create a great commercial for your company.

But how do you create a good video? Check out our guide below to learn more!

Decide How Long Your Ad Will Be

Length actually becomes a key feature in video advertising.

Sometimes, your video will have to be exactly a number of seconds long. This usually occurs when you are creating an ad for television. The network provider can only show a certain number of ads per commercial break.

Because of this, they sell time on the air down to the exact second, and you cannot go over time.

Video advertising on other platforms, such as social media, offers more flexibility. When posting a video to Facebook, for instance, it can be however long you’d like it to be.

Just keep in mind that online audiences don’t often sit through minutes of advertising. To keep their attention, you’ll either need to make the advertising brief or engage them long enough to keep them watching.

Tell a Story with Your Video Advertising

At their cores, all commercials tell stories. When you first start with creating videos for your organization, think about the type of story you would like to tell. 

Do you want to tell the tale of a family who purchased one of your vehicles and now enjoys large road trips with their relatives? Do you want to share the story of a woman who was helped by one of your services?

Decide on the story you want to tell and write out a basic script. Think about whether or not you want to hire actors or just have someone you know sit in front of the camera and talk.

Either way, you can make it work.

Decide on Location

Where will your shoot take place?

Will you primarily film in a studio, perhaps with a backdrop or a green screen? What about outdoors or on location?

If that sounds too elaborate or expensive, you can also set up a simple tripod in front of a nice background and film yourself.

No matter where you decide to film, make sure all of the arrangements have been worked out ahead of time. Contact any venues or property owners in advance to get permission and complete any paperwork or make whatever payments they require.

Involve Your Marketing Team

When you create a video, make sure the members of your marketing team are involved in every step of the process.

Come up with a plan to get your video seen after it’s shot and edited. Make sure every member of your team is kept abreast of the progress. If needed, hold regular meetings to discuss what’s going on and make plans for how to distribute the video.

Hire Professionals

Don’t just rely on your own ability to turn on a camera and put something on an SD card.

Instead, hire professionals who have a history of creating great videos. These people will be able to advise you on what to do and use their expertise to help you get all of the right angles and shots.

They also usually have professional-level equipment, meaning you’ll get a much higher quality video than if you just shot something on your phone!

Deciding on a Professional to Hire

When it comes to hiring a professional video production team, you have many options. 

But not all production teams do equally good work, nor do they cost the same. To decide which team you’d like to hire, check out how much they’ll charge for a project like yours.

Then, look at some of their work. See if they have made videos for companies similar to yours and determine whether or not you like their videos.

You can also go through client reviews to see what other people have said about working with them.

Armed with this information, make a decision. Don’t know where to start? Check out Kinter Media.

Purchase Good Equipment

If you don’t have it in your budget to hire a full-on team, consider investing in some professional quality equipment. 

After all, a nice camera and good lighting can go a long way. 

Here’s what you’ll need: a good camera that shoots in 4k or above, at least 3 lights, and possibly software that adds in virtual sets, such as a TriCaster. 

To shoot a simple scene with one person, place the camera where you want it and turn it on. Then, angle the 3 lights until the subject appears evenly and naturally lit.

Usually, you can achieve decent lighting by placing 2 of the lights (known as the key light and fill light) in opposite corners of the shot, just out of range of the camera.

Then, let the 3rd light shine from behind the subject, separating them from the background. This is known as the backlight.

Want More Business Advice?

You want your business to go as far as it possibly can. That’s why you’re starting to get into video advertising.

Video production is an extremely valuable part of marketing. It can help you tell your story and engage many different potential clients. This will ultimately help you grow your client base. 

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