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“Trigger reels,” made with shockingly new video technology, light up a part of the brain that makes people watch and buy like you’ve never seen before. Create “trigger reels” that are so interesting that they can’t be ignored, and sales will go through the roof! Vidamaze is a brand new video tool that uses a 1920s NEUROLOGICAL SECRET to make people stop, watch, and buy from your videos. Vidamaze is cloud-based software that comes with 10 ready-made “trigger reel” videos that people can use to tap into the hottest niches of today and get results quickly. These are fully editable video templates that use people’s names, locations, and other personal information to get a lot more views, engagement, and sales. Vidamaze instantly makes videos that get people’s attention and are scientifically proven to get breakthrough results! Vidamaze automatically adds personal details to videos that make people feel something and make them stop, watch, reply, and buy like never before. Stop wasting time, money, and energy making videos and other content that no one cares about. Start using these ready-made “trigger reel” videos to get people to stop, listen, and buy like you’ve never seen before.

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VidAmaze  – Text From This Video

So, let’s do a little tour of Vietnamese and show what we know. First, we’ll show you what the finished product looks like, because it’s so cool. You’re going to love this once you see it, and then I’ll show you step by step how easy it is to make these supercharged, hypnotic, highly engaging videos. For now, watch this one; there’s a video on the screen. I put this video on YouTube. You can start by uploading a video, picking one from a template, or even taking one from YouTube. But look at what I did here—I did it quickly. I could have done a better job, but I just sat in my office and held up a blank white sign. You could make a bet on what will happen right now. I’m going to do the following: We have everything set up, so I’ll go to ActiveCampaign. Now, keep in mind that this is very easy to do in ActiveCampaign. I’ll choose three people to talk to. Now I can pick three people. It doesn’t matter if I choose 300 or 3000 people. This is what we mean when we say we send out a large number of personalized videos. I’ll prove it if you send me just one video and one email. OK, look at this. We’re going to try to get in touch with these three people and set up a campaign in ActiveCampaign. This will work the same way in any program you use, so let’s go here.

VidAmaze Local OTO

We’re going to start an effort. I already have one in draft form, and it’s called “live demo.” We’ll keep going, and you’ll just have to see. It’s so simple. This is set up already. Since I’ve already done this, we’ll just write down the time. It’s currently 17–28, which is how I like to do it, and ActiveCampaign will ask us to choose from all of our lists. So, you know, I’m going to divide my list into groups based on that tag. You’ll see at the very end that there are three people on this. So I’m only looking for things on my list that have a certain tag. Then we’ll talk about how the template itself is made. Now, the cool thing is that VitaMeze gives you the code right here. All you have to do is drag and drop this code right here. So, that’s that. Okay, I’ve put that code right here. If I click on this, you’ll be able to see that this is the same code I got from Vietnamese. As easy as that, I added a little something to the top to make it my own. “Hey, first name, check out this video,” I told him.

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Flawless Follow-Up can help with the last name, but I put the company name in the field for the last name. You’ll see that in a second, and then we’ll click “next.” I’m going to check that, though. I’m only going to send this to three people, and I will. I don’t want to send it to my whole list right now, but I could, and we will send it right now. It will take the active campaign a minute or two to show you what’s going to happen here. If I look at my contacts again, I can see that I have 37 contacts. 37,677 of them. I could send this to everyone, but I’m not going to do that. Only the ones with this Vietnamese tag are getting it. Vitamaze I’m sorry, but I’m still amazed, that’s all. This is the group that will get it right. There are three! So I’m sending one to Colonel Sanders. Again, for this demo, I put the company name in the last name field. We’ll make a separate field for the company name. Okay, I’ll send one to Steve at Offline Mastery and one to Elon at Tesla, so three emails are sent, and three people get emails. You can see that we’re doing a lot of this. I only did this once. These three people got the same email. Now, let’s check to see if they showed up. Here’s the first one.

VidAmaze OTO AIUpsell

Here, you can get it from Steve Rosenbaum. Watch this video! We click on it, Elon and I. Hey Elon Watch this video! How Flawless Follow can help Tesla keep things cool at the moment Let’s watch what happens when we click on the video itself. I turn the page. I start the video by saying, “There’s my white sign, and bam.” That’s so cool! Hey, Elon, does Tesla need more sales? Now, let’s look into this. Okay, now it’s exactly the same time; this video arrived at 5:30 just a minute ago. Let’s check out another email box. Here’s one from Colonel Sanders. It came at the same time, 5:30, from the same person. Look at this video, Flawless. Colonel Sanders. Follow can help KFC, so let’s start the video and see what happens to the white sign, Colonel Sanders to say, does KFC need more sales bam? Do you see yes? I could have sent this to all 37,000 people at once by email. We’re talking about everything at once! That can’t be turned off.

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You will watch the video when you see your name and the name of your company. Let’s keep watching, because what we’ve seen so far is just the beginning. This is the first thing that catches your eye. Let’s keep looking at this. Okay, now just turn up the volume a little bit. I don’t know if my video will be loud enough here; let’s check to see if it is: Flawless Follow-Up is the most powerful drag-and-drop website builder and funnel or landing page builder with built-in A/B testing and web forms. Oh, and surveys as well; look at that, look at that, it stopped in the middle. I added a poll as another way to get people involved. So, I can do a poll right here. How do you judge those who follow you? I’m crazy about following people, so please help me. Now they can skip the poll if they want to, but we’ll just say, “Help me.” Please note, though, that I’m getting them interested in the video and drawing them in until they do something. We’d like them to stay until the end. Well, we’ve got a lot more text to pay for unlimited calendars, appointments, meetings, reminders, automatic reviews, requests, and a powerful and fully customizable workflow automation engine that lets you set up almost any rules to automate almost anything. Opportunities, pipelines, and analytics dashboard reports are lost when voicemail doesn’t ring.

Product Overview of VidAmaze OTO

Automated calls, phone recording, phone dialer, missed call text back, and that’s not all. Even though this follow-up is the best sales and marketing CRM that does everything for small businesses like yours, Perfect, follow up, automate your business, and look at that. At the end of the video, we show a screen with a call to action to schedule a demonstration of flawless follow-up. They clicked on that button to watch the video. The button goes to, you guessed it, my calendar, so this is not a normal video. It does have buttons. You can also stop the video inside. You can ask people to do something. You could put You could put a link to a product you sell here. My friend Chris will show you how to do that. These are just a few of the nine hypnotic triggers we will show you later in this demo, but there you go. That’s so cool! I wanted you to see what it looks like for yourself. The end result is that we could send this to 3,370,000 people. No matter how many people we have, this will be very unique for each of them right there. You go, because that’s how it looks now.

VidAmaze OTO Review

Let me show you what’s going on in the video and how to press the buttons. You’ve seen how things turned out. That was cool, right? Let me show you how easy it is to set up something like that now. For starters, the one you saw was right here. You get help from flawless follow-up, and I uploaded my own video, which is one of the things you can do. You could find one on YouTube, or we have some great templates that I’ll show you in a second. But first, I want to show you how we customize a video. All of these things set us off. The timeline shows that there are nine hypnotic trigger reactions. What you saw was this. You noticed that I put in a speech bubble. You saw that I added a custom poll and gave the meeting link at the end. There are a few more here, which we’ll go over in a moment. So that’s how it looks at the end, but let’s start one of these from scratch. This shows how easy it is. Let’s say you don’t have your own video and want to use one of our great templates. You can start here, so you can choose your own template, and the best part is that if you’re a local marketer, we have all these niche videos that you can use to get clients.

VidAmaze OTO Reviews

So let’s say you want to find work. Oh, let’s just hire a service to clean the carpets. Let’s go with that one, okay? So that’s what we chose, and we’ll call it the carpet cleaning demo. Okay, that’s pretty unique, right? So, we put that one aside and move on to the next. Now look at what’s going on. We’ve already made this whole video for you. It looks great, and you probably won’t want to change anything about it. You might change a few things, like this end, where you’ll put your customers’ logos, phone numbers, and web addresses. However, you’ll probably want to leave most of the other things alone because they were made by professional animators. Okay, that’s the first one I noticed. “Hey, with the dots,” it says. This one will have their first name written on it. So the first thing we do is say yes to the video as it is. If you want to make changes one screen at a time, we can go do that. It’s not a big deal, and we can even make changes. We could even change the video in the background, but let’s leave that alone for now and move on to the next step. This one is good. Wow, that’s really loud, but we’ll still pick it up. I turned up all the volume on my speakers. We’ll choose that, and then the video will be made. We’ll let this go for a second because it won’t take long. I’ll stop the video and look at the timer. It says 15 to 20 minutes. It takes at most two to three minutes. It doesn’t take long, so I’ll pause the video and come back when it’s done. Okay, we’re done. That didn’t even take two minutes. So, when you’re done, you can do one of two things. The video can be downloaded, but we want to make it our own. So I’ll click here, and we’ll change the video to fit our needs. Now things start to get fun and magical.

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