Victorian House Interior Design

Victorian style in the interior appeared in the UK at the beginning of the 19th century. Victorian style is the conventional name for a long period in the history of British art in the second half of the 19th century, associated with the reign of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) and Prince Consort Albert (1819-1861). At this time, people began to travel a lot, coming into contact with different oriental and exotic cultures on trips, which they began to bring into the interiors of their homes. That is why the Victorian style in the interior has such an eclectic subtext – it harmoniously combines elements of ethnic style in the interior, classics, gothic, baroque, neoclassicism and other stylistic trends.

Victorian interior

The Victorian interior is rich but harmonious, luxurious but restrained, beautiful but not vulgar or flashy. Historical and exotic styles have come into vogue. Machine tools made available things that were once the lot of the aristocracy. In houses, paper-mâché carvings in the Baroque style, and tin stucco mouldings in the Rococo style appeared. At first glance, ceramic sets were difficult to distinguish from porcelain.

Victorian style

Victorian style always wins in visual qualities. The absence of boring tones, the presence of rich and deep colours is a special feature of this style. In the Victorian style, you can see purple, dark blue, and vibrant yellow hues.

Unlike their modern counterparts, Victorian living rooms often feel incredibly cluttered. The walls in the rooms are decorated with antique prints and paintings, which are the centre of the living room. Add decorative cutouts designed for arches and embossed walls and a stunning living room is ready.

Interior Design

This interior design will look very fashionable and with an expression of richness. You will have a living area where every detail is part of the story! Stained glass windows and stone fireplaces are the final pieces of this extravagant puzzle. Craftsmanship and excellence in the manufacture of furniture are expressed in the proportionality and richness of ornamental elements inherent in a rich, full of manifestations of style. Dark wood, imitations and reproductions were in vogue. The furniture was influenced by different styles and the reproductions copied different styles at the same time. Victorian furniture has rounded upholstery designs, simple motifs with realistic animals, plants and flowers. Wooden furniture is carved with fruits, leaves, mythical animals and human figures.

All materials that are used to decorate a room should be as natural as possible. No plastic or synthetics, wood, natural stones, silk, wool and metal can be used. Natural parquet of expensive wood or high-quality tiles is used as flooring. Doors are selected only wooden, finished with brass. The walls can be decorated with fabric wallpaper, but it is better to choose oak panels that match the colour scheme. But today, Victorian style doesn’t require insanely expensive materials. Thanks to the global trend for the production of environmentally friendly materials, today you can find cheap building materials for interior decoration. But they must be of good quality, otherwise, the interior will look ridiculous. Some of them can be bought in stores of famous brands during sales.

If you decide to embody dreams of good old Victorian England in your apartment, do not forget a few important points:

  • Dark bright tones in interior decoration with large windows and natural light.
  • A large number of accessories look harmonious over a large area.
  • Victorian chandeliers and moldings imply high ceilings.

Victorian interiors

Luxurious and full of life, Victorian interiors are the perfect choice if you want to decorate your home with sophistication and taste. This is restrained luxury and beauty, aristocracy, a feeling of comfort, stability – the smell of good cigars, strong coffee and fresh morning newspapers. The style is generous and rich, in which one feels warmth, comfort – it is very calm and easy to live in it. Remaining conservative and restrained, the interior speaks of the respectability of its owner, his wealth and roots. Therefore, quite often this interior design is chosen by respectable people who are sensitive to traditions.