Viacheslav Brahinets: excellent digital platforms for business development

Digital transformation, which is the key to increasing agility, and efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience, is inevitable for companies that want to survive in the new digital economy. However, large-scale digital transformation projects are costly, risky, and can take years to complete. Meanwhile, nimble competitors are eroding your market share. Rapid digitalization is a must.

The best digital solutions for business development

You can use several tools to simplify or automate various aspects of business development. Here are the most popular ones:

  • HubSpot Sales Center includes a set of resources that allow you to more purposefully and effectively develop your business. Features such as email templates and email tracking ensure targeted and productive searches. Its conversational analytics capabilities can provide invaluable insights into the «why» behind the overall performance of your BDRs, allowing you to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in key business development elements such as messaging and problem scoring.
  • Bloobirds is a customer engagement and gaming platform that helps SDRs and closing reps convert more leads into customers. It collaborates with your existing CRM to make it more functional for the sales team.
  • Leadfeeder is a powerful resource for improving the centerpiece of any business development effort – lead generation. The platform helps you identify high-potential leads by automatically analyzing your website traffic. The software removes ISP traffic to identify visitor companies and gauge their interest.
  • LinkedIn is one of the most visible, practical, and adequate resources for certain critical elements of the business development process, namely, customer acquisition. The value of using social media to sell at the top of the funnel is not some well-kept secret.

Think about how you can put together a solid business development plan and ensure you have the right group of business development representatives and the latest digital tools to start growing your business today.