Venture Capitalism

Venture capitalism is the form of private funding provided to the new and small-scale business to start from scratch. Investors believe that these businesses have the potential to grow in the future.

Venture capitalism will provide you with several advantages like business expertise, some additional resources, and connections.

Venture capitalism does not only include grants in the form of cash. Rather it also includes the services provided to that small-scale business. The services may include some IT equipment and managerial expertise that will give a direction to the business.

Stages of Venture Capitalism

The emerging company receives venture capital at various stages of its startup. The venture capital provided is according to the need of the emerging business.

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Here is a brief to thestages of venture capitalism.

Seed Stage

At the seed stage, the emerging business is just an idea of the entrepreneur. That entrepreneur must provide the investors with his innovation, creativity, ideas, and techniques to pursue the business strategy that will turn into an empire one day.

Convincing the investors to fund your business idea is all you need to do at this stage. If the investor is convinced with your ideas, he will surely fund you in ways that will prove beneficial for the business.

Seed capital is a very small amount of funding provided to the entrepreneur to covert an idea into some tangible asset.

Start-up Stage

After carrying out complete market research and survey. The time is reached to introduce your potential customers to the products and services you offer. The business plan is in hand till now. And the prototype of the products is also ready to execute in front of the financers.

This stage requiresa higher amount of venture capital for the advertising and marketing of the products and services. The business owners may contact many other investors as well to receive a large sum of funding at this stage.

First Stage

At this stage, the smaller scale company started manufacturing their products. Now, at this stage, they demand higher capital than all the above-mentioned stages.

Expansion Stage

The product is already in the marketplace. Now, the funding is needed to expand the product lines or open new branches for expansion of the business.

Bridge Stage

At this stage,the business has enough revenue stored in a place, it can now stand on its own. The funding required at this stage of maturity is for the merger, acquisitions, and franchises. Many of the investors exit the company by trading the shares and get a huge amount of return on investment.

It will give a chance to the new investors to step in.

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Final Thoughts

Venture capital is granted by the banks, some previously well-off investors, and various other financial institutions. It is not something like aid, venture capitalism is a sort of investment made by investors to get big returns in the future.


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