Vendor Evaluation: Understanding Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Do you need your commercial building cleaned?

If you aren’t keen on making an in-house janitorial team, outsourcing them is the best option. It’s especially when you have limited funds to invest. To make the most out of it, consider demanding commercial cleaning contracts.

Reputable providers won’t object to it. However, what must the contract contain? Read on, and let’s find out:

1. Basic Information and Scope of Services

To ensure your contract is specific, it must have the following details. It applies to both parties. You and your provider must have:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Contact details like email and phone

Your contract must include the commercial cleaning provider’s scope of services. This serves as the muscle of the contract. The more detail it is, the better the provider can manage your expectations.

The contract will leave no doubts. You won’t feel surprised when your provider can’t perform certain cleaning tasks. It avoids devolving into a costly lawsuit because of the misunderstandings.

Spend a lot of time thinking about the scope. Consider specifying the following:

Work Areas

Be specific with the areas of business you want cleaning. It allows your cleaning provider to know whether they’re the right ones for the job.

Work Schedule

Your provider will define the length of each cleaning session. It also determines the frequency of visits per month. They’ll also list the time and days they’ll be at your location.

If you or the cleaning business excludes holidays, the contract must specify that. Otherwise, you might end up not getting support during these days. It could result in business disruptions.

Cleaning Duties

Your chosen commercial cleaning companies itemize the tasks they’ll do. Look at the various cleaning duties. Determine which ones are daily, weekly, or monthly.

2. List of Supplies

This contract section specifies whether you’ll provide various supplies. Some of these include paper goods, trash liners, and more. If it’s on them, check whether they’ll specify the right time and method of notifying them about restocking.

It also lists the price for this feature. Ensure that they include this service in their scope. It’s an important task if you’re running a hotel or have a commercial office building.

3. Renewal and Termination Clause

As a small business, you might find a long-term contract daunting. It’s one of the most common reasons people have second thoughts about hiring cleaners.

To avoid getting discouraged, discuss renewal and termination clauses.
Consider the following:

  • Monthly contract renewal
  • A 30-day notice before termination

These are the least of the things you can talk about. Check with your commercial cleaning company for more details. Experienced services can make better arrangements that are beneficial for both parties.

4. Payment Details

Make this contract section airtight and specific. It prevents your cleaning company from handing out constant payment reminders. A reliable company makes it easier for you to understand various specifics.

A good contract must list the right amount of payment based on their services. It must adhere to the scope they outlined. They must also be clear about the due dates, invoicing, and preferred method of payment.

5. Dispute Resolution

In this contract section, a lawyer can help. They can outline the right methods of handling disputes. It applies to both their service and contract fulfillment.
Most cleaning contracts involve the following:

Action Steps

It’s the necessary step for a cleaning company to handle service issues. They’ll likely ask you to inform them about your problems. It’s an important step before jumping into a lawsuit.

Arbitration Clause

When disputes escalate, this clause is valuable. It lets both parties resolve their differences using the arbitration process. It’s not the same as filing a lawsuit.

Arbitration allows you and the business to present pieces of evidence to a third party. The arbitrator is impartial when making a binding decision on the problem. You’ll need an attorney for this process, but it’s cheaper and faster resolved than traditional litigation.

What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company

Getting commercial cleaning services is all about making informed decisions. The more information you have, the better your decision becomes. Here are some qualifications to look out for:

1. Reputation

Many businesses view low prices as a sign of inferior quality. Some cleaners use low prices as a quick way of gathering clients. They often neglect to provide quality service in favor of money.

For the most part, commercial cleaners come in after work hours. Confirming their reputability is a must. Ask about their clients and experience to have a better idea of how established they are.

Ensure that the clients they mention match your industry. Read online reviews to check their existing clients’ opinions. Focus on comments about their professionalism and services.

2. Safety and Health Commitment

A busy business property with lots of traffic increases disease transmission. A qualified cleaning company has the right countermeasures. Their cleaning methods decrease the risk of transmission within your office facility.

Their operations checklist must also consider your facility’s safety. It includes the people entering the premises.

3. Survey Before Price Quote

Ask their method of giving their price quotes. It’s better if the office cleaning services sent personnel for an office survey. This allows them to identify the necessary tasks to maintain the location’s cleanliness.

For example, your office glass panes need cleaning. The cleaning company should visit and measure the glass area before giving a quote. Compare several cleaning companies and decide based on quality and range of services.

4. Employee Insurance

Misfortune can happen while cleaners do their tasks. If they have medical insurance, you need not shoulder the blame. You’ll avoid paying for medical expenses that come from their treatment.

Get the Best Commercial Cleaning Contracts Now

Use these tips to get the most out of commercial cleaning contracts. Your business deserves more, so never settle for anything less. Look for a company that meets the criteria above.

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