Vending Machines for Sports Arenas and Malls

A crucial decision to make when operating vending machines is choosing the right location. You need to pick a spot with healthy foot traffic on the regular. Of course, recreational areas like malls and sports arenas are at the top of the list.

These high-activity areas see consumers lining up at concession stands for a drink or snack. Often, these buyers prefer a quicker solution rather than waiting for their turn. Having vending machines in the vicinity can make them decide to ditch the line and go for a faster and more convenient alternative.

Therefore, it’s highly ideal for entrepreneurs to seriously consider investing in automats. An advanced, large-capacity vending machine in malls and sports centers can provide better profit margins. The secret is to learn the tips and tricks in making this venture work for you.

Why place vending machines in sports arenas and malls?

The location you choose for your machine greatly influences the income you can potentially generate. Here’s an example: suppose you want to own a fabric softener vendor. You probably won’t find customers if you install it on recreational sites. Consequently, you cannot maximize your profits if your machine doesn’t suit mallgoers or sporting enthusiasts.

Whenever you search for the best areas to install a vending machine, these two places always pop up. In general, these places have plenty of visitors in a day. If you want to optimize the visibility of your automat, these active spots are the way to go. Let’s zoom in on each location!

Why sports arenas or complexes?

Venues like stadiums and swimming pools host various sporting events that attract big crowds. People who watch games to support an athlete or team are often ready to spend for refreshments. Some people carry cash around to use on vendors.

You should choose a key position within the location such as entrances or near other concession stands. Vending machines provide more choices for visitors, making sports more eventful for them.

Why shopping malls?

Shopping malls, or simply malls, are large indoor areas filled with department stores. They are open daily for up to twelve hours. In most cases, mallgoers intend to buy something when they visit. It’s one of the best locations for vendors due to the high-value foot traffic in this spot.

As for specific areas in the mall, you may want to do some research before proceeding. For instance, you can strongly consider toy vending machines near amusement arcades. It’s best to learn the mallgoers’ buying habits before deciding on a specific machine or venue within the premises.

Things to consider


Do you want to start or grow your vending machine business in malls and sports centers? Here are some tips for you.

Choose the right machine. You will have a better chance of increasing your passive earnings when you install a suitable machine in the venue.

Don’t over-purchase. Some owners overstock all types of products in the inventory. However, it’s better to stock more on items that are more sellable.

Prepare for expected and unexpected costs. While vendors have relatively low startup costs, you will always have expenses to shoulder. You should always be financially ready for rental fees, maintenance, repairs, and other overhead costs.


Vending machines are an exceptional way of earning passive income to supplement your finances. If you’re ready to dive into this venture, check out for the latest models and offers. The company has a wide array of vendors that are appropriate for sports complexes and malls. You’ll surely find an automat that fits your taste!