Vegan Solutions to Protein Problems

One of the main concerns to vegetarians is whether their vegan diets have enough protein. However, most experts claim that a well-organized diet can give you the nutrients you need. With that said, some foods have more proteins than others.

These diets boost strength and prevent weight loss. Plant-based proteins are different from animal proteins. It is because they have high fat and cholesterol levels.

Why Are Proteins Essential?

Our nails, muscles, and hair are made up of several types of proteins that have amino acids. It is these acids that come together to create proteins. Even though the body can produce most of these acids, nine essential amino acids cannot. You can only get these nutrients by eating a balanced meal.

  • Some functions of these amino acids are:
  • Replacing damaged cells
  • Enables the cells to communicate with each other
  • They give the cell its structure
  • They help to create hormones and enzymes
  • They have a big role in how your body responds to immune attacks.

Best Protein Sources for Vegetarians


Seitan is a common source of protein for most vegans.

It is manufactured from gluten, the main protein component in wheat. It resembles meat after you cook it, unlike other soya meats. Seitan is a good selenium source, and it has a bit of trace of iron and phosphorous.

It is possible to buy this meat alternative in most food stores or search the internet for its recipe and create yours.


Lentils are excellent sources of protein to vegans, with 19 grams per cup. You can use them in different dishes like soups and salads. They also have a good level of digested carbs, thus making them more effective.

Lentils have good fiber levels, and they are beneficial to your colon because they give them good bacteria. Lentils are good for your health, and they prevent heart infections, various cancers, and obesity. 

They are also rich in iron and manganese, which are folates. Lentils have high antioxidant levels and other compounds that promote plant growth.

Teff and Spelt

Teff and Spelt belong to the ancient grain category among other grains like sorghum and barley. Spelt is a wheat type, and it has gluten, while Teff comes from grass, it lacks gluten. Spelt and Teff is the best source of protein because it has 12 grams per cup.

They offer several nutrients like iron and magnesium. They are good sources of Vitamin Band zinc. Spelt and Teff are great alternatives to standard grains like rice, and you can use them in many recipes.


Hemp seeds come from the marijuana plant. These seeds have low traces of THC. Even though they are not common like other seeds, they have 11 grams of easy-to-digest proteins, 60% more than regular seeds.

Hemp seeds have high amounts of iron and selenium. They are good sources of omega-3, which are suitable for human health. A study has shown they have fats that help to lower inflammation and reduce the effects of menopause. You should add these seeds to your meals by outing them in your smoothie or salad.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is made from soybeans and is mixed with minerals. They are good alternatives to goat milk. It has eight grams of protein per cup, and it is also a great source of Vitamin D, but you should note that soy milk and soybeans do not have any Vitamin B.

You can buy this soy milk in a shopping store near you, and it is so versatile. It means you can eat it alone or mix it with other recipes. Although, you should not combine them with unsweetened compounds to prevent an increase in sugar levels.

Wild Rice

Wild rice has two times more proteins than standard rice grains like basmati. Every cup has eight grams of proteins, magnesium, and phosphorous. It would help if you did not strip off the bran from wild rice, unlike white rice. It is an excellent source of fiber and minerals. However, it would help if you looked out for arsenic which accumulates in the bran area.

Arsenic is a toxic substance that might bring along some health complications, especially when you take them for a long time. It would help if you cleaned this rice using a lot of water, reducing arsenic rates by 58%.

Animal-friendly Foods That Build Muscle


There are several types of beans that you can put in your diet to add muscle. A cup of common beans has around 16 grams of protein. They also have high fiber content and Vitamin B.


Most dairy products are good protein sources, and they help during digestion. A study has suggested people get to increase their lean mass by taking dairy products.

Protein Powders

There are some products that use raw protein powder made from animal-friendly processes. These are easy, quick solutions to your protein problems.

Do not worry if you are a vegan wondering if you can get proteins from a different source than meat. You can try out hempseeds and lentils.