VC Exchange Review – Further Your Trade Objectives in the Right Direction

Online trading has been made easy thanks to platforms like VC Exchange which are furthering the objective of making trading look simple for everyone. You will hence note that this platform is expanding like a wild-fire where dozen of million dollars trading is taking place every day. I am glad that I joined this platform couple of years ago which enabled me to embark upon an impressive career. Now I think I am required to return the favor and I can do by writing a VC Exchange Review in the hope that it can attract the attention it deserves.

Here are a couple of advantages which this broker can offer to traders who think that the broker has interesting assets for them.

Powerful and User-Friendly Trading Platform

I personally found VC Exchange to be one of the most easy to understand trading platform. The platform did not require me to be a tech savvy and instead I was able to interact with the platform and its tools, resources and features on day one. I was also offered multiple methods of accessing the platform which included firstly the web-trading which did not ask me to download anything. Because of this great element of user-friendliness, it became very easy for me to use my mobile as an access point without even facing any computability issues.

Furthermore, I noticed great ingenuity in the broker’s platform particularly with regard to the provisioning of ingenious tools and extensive resources. I have been using these tools to their fullest potential which in turn enabling me to draw up risk-mitigating trade strategies.

Market’s Best Security Protocols

One of my genuine concerns before initiating trading was security. I have been often listening people crying that they have lost funds and that their confidential information too has been stolen. I did not want to get into such situation and hence I examined this broker from various angles of security. I found out that we both shared common concern. The broker had already put in place market best security protocols for providing best security solutions not only to accounts but also to the customer’s information.

I would be glad to explain that I cannot access my account until I am able to provide two-layered security passcodes. Whenever I log into my account, the broker sends me a message about logging in. Under the privacy policy agreed to between myself and the broker, my data has been further protected in encoded form.

Types of Accounts

Apart from offering multifarious benefits and advantages, I was also introduced to six trading accounts before initiating the sign-up process. I took fair amount of time for giving a careful reading of the accounts namely Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP and Pro and what was contained in them. I noticed that account activation is dependent upon furnishing of ‘initial deposit’ which was $10,000 in the case of Standard account. I also noticed that accounts were proceeding towards higher level accounts and while proceeding initial deposit requirement was subsequently increasing. However, the moment I looked into the accounts, I knew that my account choice would be Standard.

Standard Account had everything like leverage trading, credit facility, daily news, access to education academy and weekly portfolio reports and market reviews. The feature I stuck up with initially was the Account Manager which was being provided to me by the broker for managing my trading account and the funds in them. While I realized that I don’t need to worry about account management, this gave me great opportunity of concentrating more on trading skill development.  

End Thoughts

I feel no shame in admitting the fact that I was totally unfamiliar with online trading and that I wasn’t trader kind of material. However, both these disadvantages turned into advantages right in that moment when I decided to choose VC Exchange as my broker. I am grateful for what I am today because I can proudly say that I amongst those lucky traders who have witnessed tremendous career growth. Take my advice and join VC Exchange.