Vaxart Has Advantages Over Other Vaccine Producing Companies

Almost every pharmaceutical company is racing to capture the vaccine market by developing a safe and ideal solution to fight Covid-19.

Pfizer, Moderna and Vaxart are a few of these companies. While Pfizer and Moderna already have a full functioning vaccine in the market, Vaxart is lagging behind.

However, not all is lost for Vaxart. The company is going to being the second phase trial in 2021. If the trial shows positive results, unlike phase 1, NASDAQ VXRT at will leave Pfizer far behind.

Advantages of Vaxart?

Vaxart was doing quite well in the stock market. However, after the phase one results, the stock value went down by 58%. It was because they failed to produce neutralizing antibodies.

However, the company have few development plans which can change the game. They are going to conduct further studies. Vaxart has few advantages over other vaccine developers. It can help the company to boost NASDAQ VXRT price in the future.

  • The vaccine is a Tablet: 

The biggest advantage Vaxart has over the competitors is that the final product is actually a tablet. Most of the companies have vaccines that are given via injections. However, it is not the same case with Vaxart. They have developed a pill. One can simply take the tablet with water. There is no need to go to a doctor or a hospital to take the pill. As most people prefer pills over injections, it a win-win for the company. A pill is not only easy to consume but also easy to store as well. You don’t need big refrigerators to store or transport it. If Vaxart is successful in the clinical trials, it will help them to easily transport these pills.

  • T Cell Responses: 

Big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have developed a vaccine that helps to develop neutralizing antibodies in the patient’s body. These antibodies help them to fight the Covid-19 infection. However, Vaxart is not using the same method. They are focusing on producing T cells. These cells are known as killer cells. They will not prevent infection but will help to eliminate the virus by killing it and removing it from the body. Other vaccines have not shown better production of T cells. Scientists state that these cells will provide lasting immunity compared to other vaccines.

  • Covid-19 Strains: 

Unlike other vaccines, the Vaxart pill will help to fight different Covid-19 strains. They target the spike protein as well as the N protein, which is responsible for replication. It shows that their pill will help to target different strains without any modification. 

These are the advantages of Vaxart, which help the company boost NASDAQ VXRT stock price in the future after successful clinical trials.  Before stock trading, you can check more stocks like nyse cciv ws at