Various Initiatives Taken by the Following NGOs in India against COVID-19

COVID-19 is a new deadly ailment caused by a coronavirus (Co-V). It has been declared a pandemic by the WHO, and it has spread in 166 nations worldwide, causing 197,343 deaths. India is also facing a health emergency due to this viral disease. In this time of crisis, several NGOs are coming forward to help the people affected due to the nation-wide lockdown for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Here is the list of prominent NGOs in India working hard to prevent COVID-19 pandemic and help the vulnerable sections of the society.

  1. SEEDS India
seeds india

SEEDS (Socio-Economic and Educational Development Society) India is a registered, non-profit research organization established in February 2001.

  • The main aim is to bring sustainable development among the needy and deprived people.
  • To tackle the coronavirus, it is promoting awareness and supporting and working with various governmental agencies.
  • SEEDS India is providing essential health materials to meet their decisive needs.
  1. Impact Guru

Recently, India’s leading online grocery- Bigbasket has started a campaign via to raise funds to prevent coronavirus and help the neglected sections.

  • The funds will be utilized to provide meals to the families badly hit by the extended countrywide lockdown.
  • The collected funds will be directed to the KVN Foundation, a not for profit startup to carry on their ‘FeedMyCity’ initiative.
  • About 30 lakh meals will be provided to the people suffering during this pandemic.
  • The aim is to offer freshly cooked and healthy meals for the deprived families in Mumbai, Noida, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.
  • Bigbasket will raise an amount of Rs 30 lakh to feed the affected families through this initiative. ImpactGuru has put off its fees for this charity performance.
  • As daily wage earners are left with no income due to COVID-19, these NGOs in India are supporting these needy families by providing prepared, packed, and distribution of healthy meals while maintaining a safe social distance.
  1. Jagriti Yatra

In the times of the recent COVID crisis, different communities need support so that they can come out stronger and tough to adapt to the post-COVID human race.

  • Jagriti Yatra is committed to nation-building during the COVID emergency.
  • All the alumni of Jagriti Yatra have come together during this lockdown time to help each other in misery. 
  • Jagriti Yatra salutes their creative strength for serving their community and fighting against the coronavirus.
  • To support them, Jagriti has initiated a Jagriti Alumni Network (JAN) – an online platform. It will fetch all Yatris together for significant cooperation.
  • The Yatris will lead in especially in the 2/3 Tier districts, for reinforcing the economy.
  • The Yatris are working in the following categories:
  • Ration/Food distribution    
  • Medical Supplies    
  • Other   
  1. Bhumi NGO

Bhumi NGO is India’s largest non-profit organization consisting of independent and youth volunteers. It was established on August 15, 2006, by a group of friends. Their main goal was to build a better India for tomorrow by changing the present society.

  • This NGO offers a way for the youngsters to serve society and reduce the gap between the educated and uneducated.
  • The volunteers mentor and train orphanage, slums, and village children to help them in building their better future.
  • Therefore, these volunteers get benefitted as a learning experience is mutual. They gain experience to become better leaders in the future.
  • Anyone can volunteer to help Bhumi NGO during the COVID crisis by facilitating fundraising activities and other initiatives.
  • Anyone can help daily-wagers and for food for children in orphanages by donating directly to Bhumi NGO.
  • If anyone requires help during this lockdown phase can drop a missed call to Bhumi NGO.
  1. HelpAge India

The elderly population is struggling hard to survive during COVID-19. Those senior citizens who are above 80 years are at high health risk due to coronavirus. Thus, the government is pro-actively taking some steps to help senior citizens. In this time of crisis, HelpAge India is offering assistance to the aged.

  • This NGO is offering support to the old, migrant daily wage workers, and homeless.
  • HelpAge India has above 160 strong Mobile Healthcare Unit Network and teams to assist the aged in the rural and urban areas.
  • This NGO has a broad network of Helpline Program, MHU beneficiaries, Old Age Homes, Elder Self Help Groups, and Senior Citizens Associations to spread awareness and suggest preventive measures for preventing COVID like social distancing, washing hands, etc.
  • With the government and local authorities’ permission, HelpAge India is offering family survival kits to the neglected aged people and their family of 5. This kit includes basic ration like spices, wheat, rice, cooking oil, and protective gears such as masks and soaps.
  • To fight COVID-19, it is offering protective hygiene kits for the elders. These kits contain tissues, masks, sanitizers, handwash, etc.
  • It is also providing free meals for the homeless on roads, slums, and night shelters, elderly in old age homes, and migrant daily wage workers. All this is done by taking all necessary precautionary and hygiene measures.
  1. Akshaya Patra Foundation 

Akshaya Patra Foundation is one of the important NGOs in India that is providing food to people during the existing coronavirus crisis. It is working in close cooperation with State Governments and District Administration to provide relief.

  • Akshaya Patra is providing packed grocery kits or meals to the low-income sections of the society consisting of needy people at old age homes and night shelters, daily wage workers, construction site workers, and migrant laborers.
  • At present, this foundation is offering food relief service in West Bengal, Tripura, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, and Assam.
  1. CRY India

CRY is the top NGO in India that is offering support during the COVID crisis by taking strict measures for reducing the spread of infection.

  • It is advising on remote working etiquette for employees, hygiene measures, strongly opposing rumors on social media, and postponing upcoming events until further notice.
  • It is serving the needs of marginalized communities and vulnerable children to keep them protected from this pandemic.
  • CRY has given hygiene kits to the families of over 3.5 lakh children in villages in India. These kits contain cotton scarves to serve as face masks, hand wash soaps, and preventive measures information brochure to prevent coronavirus.
  • To keep the children engaged during the lockdown, this Ngo is offering them toys.
  • It is providing dry ration packets to more than 1.76 lakh needy households. The packets include dal, oil, sugar, peanuts, soy chunks, cereal, and sugar.

Thus, the NGOs in India are supporting a lot during this challenging time. It is expected that we all will rise together by taking care of each other.


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