Variants of photocopier that you can take on rent

Most businesses use commercial photocopiers to run letterhead and mailing, so the quality of results can vary widely depending on how much time is spent on it. Running to a local print shop owned by a wholesale working chain is enough for them and they have learned over the years to work only with results. However, some companies are more knowledgeable and have learned the benefits of finding the top excellent print houses that can provide them with everything from branding to competitively priced offset printing runs, reducing their costs and supporting their business goals. High rated photocopier hire dealing with bulk orders and corporate accounts are an excellent resource for design assistance as well as options for your print run that you may not have been aware of.

Only successful and prosperous artists can own such a photocopier on rent. In addition to the cost of the photocopier, there is also the fact that not all artists know how to work with a flatbed photocopier and they will need to learn how they work before using the machine. However, artists should try to use at least one flatbed wide-format photocopier if they ever get a chance to use one.

Making art with a flatbed photocopier

The main reason an artist can experiment with flatbed photocopiers to create their art is because these photocopiers allow them to use many different mediums for their art. Artists with these photocopiers are not limited to hand drawing on canvas. They can create their art on non-traditional mediums like metal, glass and ceramics. They can try to work with porous and non-porous media as well as matte and glossy media and see what works with them.

Flatbed photocopiers that use UV-corded ink cartridges can create a hand-painted look on printed artwork. If the surface of the medium is not completely flat, the artist may try to give his work a carved or embossed look. The artist can also play with white ink and see what it looks like when used on coloured media.

Printing with a flatbed photocopier

For artists working with flatbed photocopiers, image resolution and photocopier speed are not qualities they would be looking for when trying to find the right photocopier rental. Some of the features of photocopiers that will be more important to these artists are:

  1. The photocopier’s ability to work with different media depending on the size and height of the media.
  2. Motor strength of grid rollers so that it can pull through heavy printing media such as wood, glass, ceramic tile or metal sheet.
  3. Double-striking feature of the photocopier, which will allow the artist to print more on the used medium without any problem.
  4. The photocopier’s ability to make the necessary adjustments allows the artist to resume the printing job and resume printing from where he left off so that he can finish the work.

As mentioned above, flatbed wide-format photocopiers are very expensive. Artists who are just starting out may find it impossible to own them. However, it is not impossible to find a flatbed photocopier to work without owning it. There are many print service providers that rent flatbed photocopiers for artists to work with; It’s just a matter of finding them.

Design assistance is a strong reason to use a well-run print house. If for some reason your graphics are not ready for print, a professional photocopier will help you increase their speed as well as ensure that your graphics person understands the print run requirements (which is quite different from the web graphics requirements). Branding choices and colour accuracy issues are all great areas of discussion to bring with a commercial photocopier as most of them have many excellent visual designers on staff for the basic work required by many companies.