Vaping for Beginners

Using e-cigarettes, pens, and pods to vape is a cost-saving alternative to standard cigarettes. Market and social trends are raving about how vaping is cheaper and safer than smoking. Vaping materials can easily be found in the same stores that sell cigarettes. However, vaping products are rechargeable and refillable and come in more e-liquid flavors! Right now, some top flavors are cavendish, dragon banana, fuji apple strawberry nectarine, Hawaiian pog, shurb, and strawberry. Other candy and fruity flavors are also feasible to purchase, meaning finding the best or switching up flavors are doable with a quick trip to a store.

On top of flavors, be mindful of nicotine types available for vaping. Freebase nicotine is most famous as the body absorbs less nicotine than smoking. It is also likely to have less harsh effects on the throat. Then there is nicotine salt, also referred to as nic salt or salt nic, which is naturally derived from tobacco plants. Like freebase nicotine, vaping with nicotine salt is a smooth experience and comes with a longer shelf life.

Additionally, there are two types of vaping: mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DL or RDL). For an individual that smokes up to five cigarettes per day, 6 mg/ml (0.06%) MTL or 3 mg/ml (0.03%) RDL is recommended. Instead of smoking up to 10 cigarettes per day, consider 12 mg/ml (1.2%) MTL or 6 mg/ml (0.06%) RDL instead. For heavier smokers that wish to switch to vaping, try 18-20 mg/ml (1.8-2%) RDL. Intaking a stronger strength may cause nausea, so it is best to start with a lower strength first.

Getting the best possible experience is not just finding a great flavor and strength to thoroughly enjoy vaping but understanding how to properly vape is important. Unlike traditional methods, there is no combustion and flames involved. Since vaping means puffing on smoke clouds, intake is less intense and gentler than regular smoking. If vaping is uncomfortable or unpleasant, the air pressure or strength is too high, or inhaling is too strong.

Every vaping device is easy to set up and adjust. When purchasing a new e-cigarette or pen, it may come charged. Otherwise, a USB cable will be needed. Never use a high-speed charger to prevent overheating. Insert the e-liquid or pod through the hole. When using e-liquid, do not fill the pod to the top to prevent leaking and leaving room for heating air. Then, click the fire button to burn the e-liquid or pod. Sometimes, a coil or cotton wick may need to be replaced or can wear out. Try holding down and releasing the fire button several times before attempting to replace the coil or wick. Otherwise, coil and wick replacement are designed to be relatively easy.

Many brands are available, meaning quality of device, flavor, and strength varies. It is best to research the options and not buy an off brand. Choosing uwell is a great quality option as it provides an upgraded nic salt vaping experience that can last up to 2 weeks before needing another refill.