VanceAI Creativity Series Review: Image Editing Tools for Artistic Options

It is rather difficult to find an image editing application that can make creative photo editing easy. When it comes to the more common type of photo editing, such as image enlargement, image cropping, resizing, and more, you will easily find a plethora of photo editing apps offline as well as online. Also, while there are desktop software applications that provide image editing tools for artistic options, they require a certain amount of time investment from the user as the applications are manual and so the user has to do the editing themselves. Not to mention that desktop software applications are also demanding on computer systems, often requiring a strong set of processor, graphic card, and RAM. 

What VanceAI offers is a collection of different creative photo editing tools that you can use for making artistic images in a matter of seconds. Creative image editing options such as old photo restoration, photo colorization, photo to sketch conversion, etc. are pretty common and useful for a wide variety of users online. Combining all of these tools in one place will significantly boost your artistic options as well as your creativity as you can manage everything from one place. 


  • VanceAI offers free image credits, affordable subscription plans, and an API edition of the overall app. 
  • It has a really well designed UI which features the Workspace wherein you can manage everything.
  • VanceAI has extensively trained AI algorithms, which ensure consistently great performance and quality of images. 


  • Some VanceAI tools benefit more from the old Workspace design while other tools don’t. So, you have to check both for best results. 
  • The old photo restoration tool might need to be re-loaded at times to make it restore old damaged images. 

What is VanceAI?

VanceAI is an online image editing website and application that offers a ton of solutions for many kinds of photo editing requirements. As a relatively new platform, VanceAI has nonetheless created quite a collection of tools that can be used by just about anyone. The reason for that is VanceAI uses AI and Machine Learning technologies for image processing. This makes VanceAI an automatic image processing application. Therefore, as a user, you simply have to upload images and just wait as the app deals with the actual editing for you. The image above shows the extensive list of tools, including the 5 creativity based tools that we’re reviewing in this guide. 

Another great aspect of VanceAI is that it carefully develops each image editing tool. You will find all kinds of different customization options for the VanceAI tools in the Workspace. We will touch upon that in the review section below as well. So, even though VanceAI is mostly an automatic image editing tool, it still offers enough options to users to play around with, in order to shape the results with their own preferences. 

Features of the VanceAI Creativity Series Tools

The following is a series of overviews of the tools included in the Creativity series from VanceAI. 

Restore Old Photos Automatically with VanceAI Photo Restorer

Old photos are popular for a reason. They are a link to the past for most people, especially if those images are old family photos taken years ago and stored in an album. Physical photos have a tendency of wearing out or taking damage as time goes by. Many times, the photos have tears, white spots, sepia, or more. You can rectify all of this by using VanceAI Photo Restorer. It is an online tool that uses AI to automatically detect issues in an old image and repairs them in a short span of time. 

Usually, AI old photo restoration would be a complex task and would be done through sophisticated software applications only. However, AI makes it easier for everyone to restore old photos. You can also restore or enhance vintage photos from the past as well as historical photos. Besides nostalgic purposes, old photos like these are useful for aesthetic channel-building, marketing, and also photography. With this automatic tool, you can make a complicated task such as this easy and quick. 

Give Color to Black and White Images with Photo Colorizer

VanceAI Photo Colorizer is a high performance tool that consistently offers stunning results in a really short amount of time. As you can tell from the name, you can use this tool to colorize black and white images. This also applies to old photos. So, if you want to modernize your old family photos or historical images, you can use this tool to get a fresh new perspective on age old photos. You can also use this tool to colorize other kinds of black and white images. For example, you can colorize a perfectly high definition black and white image and use it online for various purposes. Photographers can play around with a single image but in black and white or colored. You can also add color to product photos or portraits taken in black and white format. 

Furthermore, if you’re a paid user, you can choose to process images with an advanced AI algorithm, which may take a few more seconds but will offer the best possible results. If you use the old Workspace, you can also get sample images to colorize. 

Create Cartoon or Anime Sketches with VansPortrait

VanceAI offers VansPortrait, which is one of the best image editing tools for better artistic options as it creates completely new cartoon or anime style sketches from the images that you upload. If you upload your own selfie or portrait and process it, the tool will display the cartoon edition of your portrait. Also, it does the entire conversion on its own in a matter of seconds. There are many ways you can use such a tool though it also depends on the user. Regardless, a tool like this is immensely valuable for users who are not into graphic design or image editing but would still like to work with creative photo editing tools. The AI technology makes it possible for a greater number of users to get into the creative aspects of image editing without breaking a sweat. 

Transform Your Pictures with Toongineer Cartoonize

VanceAI’s Toongineer Cartoonizer shares similarities with VansPortrait though they both do have differences as well. With this tool, you can also convert images to their cartoon or anime edition within seconds. As for use cases, you can perhaps create artistic photos with this tool and post them on social media. You could also use the results to set up your profile pictures on various platforms. You’ll also find plenty of inspiration from the results, especially if you’re an artist yourself. Anime style photos are also popularly used as magazine covers. If you’re a graphic designer, you can find enough places to incorporate the cartoon style pictures. 

Give Your Photos a Quality Edge with Photo Retoucher

In simple terms, VanceAI Photo Retoucher is the tool to use if you want to improve overall image color or contrast balance. There are many images with a lot of colors or a bit of excessive brightness. With this tool, you can adjust either of them. When you upload an image on the Workspace, you can choose whether you want a color balance or brightness. Accordingly, the tool will adjust the photo and make it look balanced. This is a tool that can be pretty useful for photographers as they tend to have post-production practices more often than other types of professionals. 

Rather than manual post-production, you can switch to this tool for automatic image processing. The example image has much better lighting than the previous one, as it blends contrast and brightness better than before. You can also color correct your images after balancing the brightness. 

VanceAI Pricing

VanceAI is pretty flexible when it comes to subscriptions. You can first use VanceAI for free by simply creating an account there. After account creation, you will get 3 image credits per month for free from VanceAI. This goes for all users. 

For paid options, you can get started with the annual plan that costs only $5.94 per month and offers 100 image credits along with better features such as batch processing. The monthly plan goes for $9.90 per month with 100 image credits offered. You can also buy 200 image credits for $24.99. You can upgrade all of these plans to get more image credits by paying more. 

VanceAI Alternatives

You can try out a few VanceAI tools through the alternative websites supported by VanceAI. These websites won’t contain the useful additional features found in VanceAI tools but will at least get the fundamental basics done. To restore old photos, go to as it does the job of the Photo Restorer tool. Moreover, you can go to for adding colors to black and white photos seamlessly. VanceAI is also offering a free PDF processing tool online. Click on to access the tool.

Final Verdict

The VanceAI Creativity series does offer image editing tools for better artistic options but it also provides other features that truly elevate the product. For example, one of the best things about using VanceAI is its Workspace. While they can still improve the Workspace by merging the old and new design, it is still a great concept. To be able to manage everything from a single window on an online image editing app is both rare and a welcome change from the usual UI design found in other online apps. In addition to that, you also get flexible subscription rates, which makes it easier for new users to get with the program. By combining performance, ease of use, and affordability together, VanceAI stands strong as a premium choice for creative photo editing online.