Valyou Furniture Review: The Kingsley Bed is What Dreams Are Made Of

Finding the right blend of quality, price and comfort is exceptionally hard when it comes to shopping for furniture on the web, with too many shoddy products and unreliable sellers out there to know who to trust. Not knowing where to turn, I was feeling doubtful I’d ever find the right bed for my apartment  when a friend recommended Valyou Furniture to me — and changed my concept of buying furniture online forever.

One of my main problems in my previous hunt had been finding a bed that was both stylish and well made for a good night’s sleep, while also within an affordable price point. As soon as I clicked the link my friend sent to Valyou’s amazing selection of beds, I was completely enamored with the Kingsley bed and its plush headboard, not to mention its reasonable cost! The totally cozy vibe of the Kingsley’s cloud-like appearance was the perfect addition to the rest of my dreamy bedroom decor, and when I saw the frame could hold 38 percent more than a standard bed, I knew it’d be the absolute ideal bed for friends to pile into after a long night.

Valyou Furnitures’s comprehensive website assured me that my Kingsley would be a breeze to set up, and conveniently told me to expect two boxes arriving at my door with all the materials inside. An easy-to-follow PDF instruction booklet was also made available to me so I could prepare for the assembly beforehand, and thanks to the handy guide I was more than ready when the time came!

Plus, super positive reviews about Valyou Furniture’s quick delivery time and amazing service reassured me in ways other rival retailers couldn’t, and the two-week return program gave me an extra jolt of confidence that I’d have no issue fixing any potential problems that could arise.

Luckily, my Kingsley arrived without a hitch, and I had set it up by myself in no time! Now I sleep even deeper every night thanks to Valyou Furniture’s incredible Kingsley bed. For anyone looking for a fast and reliable place to buy furniture from, look no further than Valyou Furniture — I could not recommend their top of the line service and craftsmanship more!