Value-Added Services that enhance Estate Closing, Title and Escrow Software

Real estate closing and title insurance software solutions come in handy in the real estate industry since they facilitate several processes. The software is user-friendly, with data getting entered once and running throughout the entire SoftPro application while enabling the user to build a product suite that best suits their needs with various modules. Some of the products provided by the SoftPro software include standard, select, and hosted. The standard product of the real estate pro software enables the owner to choose the features that best meet their needs and add the additional ones later. Part of the advantages is the improved accuracy, speed, and control over every phase of their processes. The select product provides the client with a fully customizable and configurable system that meets their unique needs to meet their real estate objectives. Finally, the select part gives the client robust IT solutions with zero IT costs hence quite convenient and financially friendly. The whole system works to ensure that the clients get to run their real estate with ease. It doesn’t stop there; the software comes with various value-added services that further enhance the effectiveness of the software in meeting the needs of the client. Some of the various real estate pro software value-added services include: 

Annual maintenance

SoftPro provides clients with professional annual maintenance service for their software to ensure all components run smoothly. The award-winning support team provides exceptional unlimited telephone support, regular software upgrades, and automatic updates that keep all documents compliant with RESPA/IRS regulations. The complete adherence to the regulations further ensures that all activities are conducted according to the law, hence further legitimating the business. In addition, clients get regular software updates that include feature enhancements and the implementation of customer suggestions. The maintenance includes the incorporation of an experienced technical support team for prompt answers to questions. Complete maintenance enables the owner to have an effective system that facilitates the smooth running and completion of all operations within the system. 


Business owners get expert advice from a seasoned real estate pro software application consultant to analyze the business. The consultations have a clear, aid down process that begins with observing workflow and SoftPro application utilization followed by the analysis of the internal business processes and the findings review. In addition to the analysis, the expert provides reasonable recommendations for business improvement and correcting the various business shortcomings. In addition, the consultants discuss the areas for efficiency gains/improvements and formulate the game plan for process improvements and application changes. Finally, the changes get implemented, and training gets provided to appropriate personnel specific to the changes. The whole process gets aimed to achieve set results that include documented report on observations, projected goals, itemized account for changes already implemented, and projected plans for the various deferred items to get implemented. 


The reconciliation gets done in full compliance with ALTA Best Practice through the practical assistance of trained and experienced professionals. The real estate pro software professionals provide monthly 3 – way reconciliation, reconciling bank balances: book balance and Escrow trial balance to completion. An experienced reconciler works with the client to clear any existing outstanding and exception items. In addition, the Escrow Trust Accounts get prepared with trial balances which provide information on all files with open balances together with those that have old balances and negative balances. The results get delivered to the business owner monthly with reports such as Escrow Reconciliation Summary Report, Escrow Trial Balance Report, Book Balance Report, and statement Proofing Report, among others. In addition to the monthly report, business owners also get daily reconciliation services, including an extra layer of fraud protection, daily reconciliation receipts and disbursements, and the daily cleaning of all items they do not require investigation or additional information. The practical completion of the value-added service further enhances the business performance. 

Custom development

Real estate pro software experts help build the right solution uniquely tailored for each business despite the company’s size. The uniquely tailored solutions enable business owners to run their businesses as efficiently as possible. Custom development features include web order form customization and integration, CRM integration, legacy software integration, policy jacket manager, and batch invoice payment. In addition, business owners get provided with fillable PDF documents, which enable them to input data relatable to their businesses. It doesn’t stop there; custom integrations with third-party vendors and wire-in utility also get incorporated into the system to enhance the performance further and improve the business output. The numerous customization options expose the business owners to a market of options to pick from, enabling them to choose the ones that best serve their business needs. 

Custom Report and Documents

Real estate pro software professionals provide clients with quality and reliable custom reports and docs services that enable them to run their businesses smoothly. The custom reports and documents enable the owners to produce documents for their transactions or retype data without leaving the software application. All clients get required to send the real estate pro software professionals a sample of their MS Excel file or Word doc or a brief description of their reporting needs. Once all the requirements get sent to the professionals, they contact the business owner with questions and inquiries to further enhance their understanding of the business needs. The client then gets a quote for the required service streamlining the closing, title, and escrow process. The service provided enables real estate owners to stay on track and updated with their business requirements making it easy to run the business within the stipulated laws. The incredible thing about the software is the client-centered nature in which it gets constructed. It focuses significantly on the needs of the business and works efficiently to cause business growth. SoftPro provides free webinar series covering several topics, including industry updates, technology trends, best practices for working remotely, and tips and tricks for real estate pro software and beyond.  


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