Vacation Life Hacks You Wished You Know Before

It’s always so exciting to get on a plane and go somewhere you’ve never been before. Even a few days of vacation can be good medicine for the body and a perfect restorer for mental health.

But preparing for a trip can be really nervous. However, there is no reason for this now! In this article, you can learn about simple vacation life hacks that will save your nerves, money, and time. Take a few minutes to read these very useful travel tips before you pack your bags!

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Travel Light

Many tourists today try to adhere to the principle of traveling light. This is when you take with you the minimum number of things that fit in one backpack. After all, what do you need for a trip? Passport, money, and some clothes. But you can also buy clothes on the road. Therefore, you can only limit yourself to your passport and money.

It is simply convenient and practical. Everything you need is in one place and you do not need to search for the right thing in different bags and suitcases. It is also much easier to pass control at customs and airports. One backpack is always with you and its loss is reduced to zero.

However, the most important thing about traveling light is that you are not burdened with unnecessary things. They don’t pull at you like a weight that weighs on you. And not only physically, when the straps of the backpack dig into your shoulders, but also spiritually when you feel free from material things.

Learn basic phrases in the native language of your destination

Yes, in all tourist places there is a person who can at least explain to you in English. But if you go a little further or move away from the tourist route for a couple of steps, English will not help you in any way.

If you have a local SIM card and internet, no problem! Open any online translator and communicate through it. However, if you are in Latin America or Cambodia, where the Internet even in the hotel is very slow, then there may be problems with communication.

It is for this reason that you should learn at least a few phrases in the language of the country where you are going to go before you go. It won’t help you understand speech, but it will help you communicate. Any person is pleased when they say hello in their native language and say “thank you” in the same language. This always makes people feel good about you.

Pack a Flashlight

The tourist is always in danger: slippery cobblestones, open hatches, bad roads. In the daytime, they are not terrible, but at night they become a real test.

The most suitable solution to this problem is a headlamp. It will help out in any situation, does not take up much space, and practically does not weigh anything. You don’t have to wear it on your head. If you are shy, you can just take it in your hand, as usual. But on a walk in the wilderness, it is better to put it in its proper place. This will help free your hands for more useful activities.

In addition, the flashlight can also be used in the hotel in case of a blackout, as well as in emergency cases to signal for help.

Carry Basic First Aid

The holiday season is coming very soon. And if you are already in search of a new swimsuit and a comfortable suitcase, when going on a trip, do not forget to issue travel insurance and be sure to bring a first aid kit for travel.

Planes fly at an altitude of 7,000-12,000 m above sea level, and the cabin pressure is set at an altitude of 1,524-2,438 m, otherwise, few people would survive the flight. Sharp climbs even to such a height can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and a feeling of exhaustion, even in healthy passengers.

To reduce the negative impact of an airplane flight on the body, you should take aspirin, which dilutes the blood, vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on blood vessels.

Here’s what else should be in a traveler’s first aid kit:

路 Remedies for motion sickness in transport. If you are going to go on excursions by car, bus or ship, take Dramamine or ProVent VertigoX with you.

路 Remedies for diarrhea and for improving digestion: loperamide (Imodium) is best.

路 Anti-cold medicine: cough lozenges, Mucinex, Sambucol, etc.

Try New Food

Potential risks of consuming unfamiliar food while traveling:

路 Very spicy or very fatty unusual food can negatively affect the digestive organs;

路 Large portions of delicious food lead to overeating and heaviness in the stomach;

路 Raw or live meat, fish, and seafood dishes may contain infections and parasites;

路 Pufferfish, Lithobates catesbeianus (American bullfrog), etc. such delicacies are deadly when prepared unprofessionally.

Before you try new food, it is better to study the composition of the dish and make sure that there are no medical contraindications, such as:

路 Allergies and individual intolerance to certain products.

路 Chronic or untreated diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and kidneys.

路 A long course of medication. When taking medications, it is strictly forbidden to consume unfamiliar foods and drinks without first consulting a doctor. For example, fresh fruit juices are incompatible with medicines and their combination leads to the intoxication of the body.

Take pictures of your luggage and clothes

The loss of luggage is one of the main problems, and only in half of the cases, it is possible to find it and give it back to the tourist. In all other cases, things are lost forever.

And that’s why travel operators and airlines themselves recommend taking photos of your luggage so that you can quickly cope with its search.

Please note! When taking a picture of your luggage, you can not only pay attention to the details but also photograph its contents to a reasonable extent. Or you can create a personal photo with your luggage, which will be proof of ownership in case of theft of property.

Carry Emergency Cash

Many inexperienced and careless travelers risk being left without money in a foreign country. This usually happens when the entire amount of cash is stored in the wallet.

You just need to take it out of your bag once to pay for souvenirs or food in a cafe, so that thieves, who always live in places where tourists gather, take note of this moment. Gawking, you will be left without a wallet, and means of support.

It sounds scary, but avoiding such problems is quite simple:

路 Distribute the entire amount of cash in several secret places, pockets of clothing, and suitcases.

路 Take with you not only cash but also a card-debit or credit. Of course, you should keep it separate from your wallet.

路 Arrange in advance with your friends or family to send you funds in case of an emergency. So, all over the world, there are points for issuing instant transfers, wherein 15-20 minutes after sending you will be given the transferred amount.

Get Good Footwear

For traveling, you need to choose light, spacious shoes. Shoes should be strong and loose. It will be doubly better if the sneakers are made of breathable fabric. This will be just in time if you are planning to go to a warm country. Thanks to these sneakers, your foot will not sweat and you will always feel comfortable.

Get Vaccinated

Traveling around the world, you need to understand that sometimes it will not be enough to collect the first-aid kit. Some diseases are unique to a particular country. Therefore, it is better to prepare for such undesirable diseases in advance, or rather to protect yourself.

An important point: if you plan your trip in advance, do not forget about vaccinations. Since they need to be done at least two weeks before the departure date. And some even require preparation for a couple of months.