UV Protection for Face: Why So Many People Suffer From Eye Problems?

A number of people still suffer from over exposure to the ultraviolet radiations despite the UV protection for face shields available in market. There are two questions that we need to ask ourselves here:

1. Are the shields manufactured from high quality materials that meet the desired quality standards? If no, then we have to blame the companies that manufacturing face shields for their dishonesty. If yes, the maybe we may explore our second question.

2. How many people use these safety equipment? Do they understand how it should be used and its benefits? I guess this could be one of the main reason for the ever increasing number of eye problems, especially in the welding and fabrication industry. You can visit this website for more information about eye care.

Data on UV protection for face shields

We should not take the campaign to eliminate or reduce the face injuries for granted. It is one menace that has rendered a great number of welders unproductive. How can you work when you can’t see in the first place? The figures obtained from various safety organizations and government institutions is really alarming. But, why is it that we don’t treat this aspect with the degree of caution it requires?

According to Elvex report about the eye protection report as per the OSHA statistics, about 1,000 eye injuries occur every day. This is quite a significant number considering it is the U.S.A., which has strict rules on eye protection device manufacturing processes. These injuries are due to wide range of factors such as flying chips and debris, airborne particulates, chemicals, arc exposures and lights.

These statistics indicate that most people ignore the importance of understanding these risks hazards and how to mitigate them. For instance, people still don’t see the essence of having appropriate equipment that can reduce the effects of various light and electric arc exposures. They leave their eyes unprotected while dealing with electric arc systems, blue light and infrared radiations. Another great source of information regarding eye care from dust and sunlight is Do not forget to check that out!

According to OSHA, some of the main causes of injuries include:

1. The number of injuries that result from, radiations falling objects or flying debris constitute about 75%. About 20% are due to getting in contact with various chemicals.

2. OSHA has also indicated that quite a number of injuries are due to ignorance or just negligence. I had highlighted this earlier considering that most eye safety devices are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. It is sad to note that at the time these injuries occur, about 60% of the workers did not wear their safety gears.

In yet, another statistics that was released by CDC  , everyday about 2,000 workers in America require medical treatment. Furthermore, at least 100 of the injuries result in more than one day off work. Again, about 1/3 of the injuries are treated in the hospital emergency departments. Of course, these includes all eye and face injuries. Be it those that result from exposure to light of just the ordinary injuries. The European Union is also not exempted from this worrying situations. In fact, it is the same scenario that is trending in the U.S.

This is quite clear that, despite the efforts to invest in high quality UV protection for face shields, a lot should be done to control the situation. Most industrial workers still ignore the importance of industrial safety. This calls for training and education on better safety practices. It is upon the safety departments in various industries to focus on the vital measures that can control the situation. Every single step should be evaluated too. It is quite evidence that negligence is a key issue that has led to the increasing number of face injuries. Click here to read in-depth articles about health.