Why do Saudi Arabians use VPN’s

Saudi Arabia is a strict Islamic country that governs according to Shari’ah law. As a aresult, the reputation of this country’s internet freedoms is very poor. There are many websites and social media apps that are blocked and inaccessible to the people living in Saudi Arabia, including expats and foreigners. Despite these restrictions, people find ways to get around undesirable circumstances and VPN’s have become very popular. By utilizing VPN’s, one can circumvent an internet block and access restricted content. 

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is tool that encrypts the user’s internet traffic, disguising their online identity. In doing so, one’s online activity and data is more difficult to track. VPN’s work with the help of a remote server that is run by a VPN host. The user’s IP address is redirected through this remote server so it appears as though the user’s data is coming from that server and its location.

In addition, the VPN encrypts the data so that third parties will be unable to extract anything meaningful from it. The benefits of using a VPN are numerous. First, it can serve as protection when using a public network or for a secure data transfer. Second, it disguises one’s whereabouts so that the location appears as if it is coming from elsewhere, which serves numerous purposes. 

Internet Censorship

Censorship of the Internet in Saudi Arabia is not new and they’re not the only country that participates in this act. There are many reasons that this tool is used by the government. For example, VoIP calling. In Saudi Arabia, access to apps like Viber, Whatsapp calling, and Facebook Messenger are blocked. Telecom companies in Saudi Arabia justify these restrictions by stating they threaten standard call operators, the state surveillance system, and the regulatory environment.

All internet traffic is closely monitored by a government organization and they have banned nearly half a million websites. These websites are selected due to going against political, social, and religious beliefs of the state, which follows Islamic law. Websites like Wikipedia and Google Translate were blocked, but others like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are not. 

Using a VPN in Saudi Arabia

As discussed earlier, VPN’s have a number of beneficial uses. Although it may seem like technical jargon more fitting for those in the tech landscape, it is quite useful for the layman as well. Saudi Arabia is a country notorious for strict internet regulations. Simple social media apps and certain websites that the government deems inappropriate for the public are restricted.

Using a VPN in Saudi Arabia unlocks these restrictions and lets the user have access to previously blocked content. By using a VPN, a user in Saudi Arabia could appear as though they are from the United States. The caveat to this is that the websites of VPN providers are usually blocked but using a VPN is not illegal. 

VPN’s for Entertainment Purposes

A VPN may sound serious to those who are unfamiliar with the technology, but there are many purposes for it and many of them harmless. For example, gamers in Saudi Arabia need to use a VPN to play their favorite game like Dota 2. 

In other cases, they can access Netflix or BBC iPlayer, content that is available to specific regions and countries. With a VPN, they can watch the latest Bridgerton episode or find out whether Gabby chooses Eric on the latest Bachelorette episode. Gambling enthusiasts can use a VPN to easily access their favorite online casinos and play slot games. Or perhaps they want to read the latest review on best online casino saudi arabia

The Best VPN’s

A quick search of the internet will show a slew of VPN’s from many providers. Some of them are offered for free, but it is advised to skip those. If you are in Saudi Arabia and dealing with internet censorship, it is best to pay for a premium VPN than to rely on a free one. This is why we provide a couple of recommended VPN’s that are tried and true. 

Nord VPN is a top ranking choice because it works well with streaming services like Netflix and is also great for gaming. You can try it out for 30 days and still cancel for your money back. Another great choice is Surfshark that is a bit more budget friendly but still works great. It’s fast, reliable, and used by many. 

Stay Free

Saudi Arabia has a poor reputation for internet freedom. Many websites and apps that are blocked by the Saudi government are taken for granted by people outside of this country. Others wouldn’t think twice about logging on to play Dota or heading over to their favorite sports betting site. The truth is that freedom is a right and VPN’s offer liberation in an easy to use package. There is no need to spend another day blocked from your favorite website. 

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