Using Twitter effectively to optimize your video tweets

Some people prefer video tweets over normal tweets. But they don’t get the amount of audience they require because their videos or the video thumbnails are not as interesting as the people want them to be.

For this purpose Twitter as great video making tool known as ‘Twitter media studio’. This is built into the twitter app and allows you to make a catchy and interesting video for marketing.

Twitter media tool explained

With the help of twitter media studio, you get access to a lot of functionalities that your usual videos lack. You can use great thumbnails, contact options, and captions that indulge the people towards your videos.

There is an amplify media program on twitter made for creators who use videos for marketing so you need to be subscribed to that to gain access to the twitter media tool.

In short, what this tool does is that puts convenience for all the creators by providing great tools and easily managing even if you have multiple accounts. Just like many celebrities and artists buy twitter followers cheap for their social media promotion. In that case, this video tool helps a lot.

There are certain steps you need to follow if you want to use the twitter media tool effectively for your video tweets given below

  • Syncing your videos to twitter

The first step is to upload your video to twitter. You can even add multiple videos at the same time on the twitter media tool. There is a dedicated option saying ‘upload media’. There are restrictions on videos. You can upload videos of a maximum of 720*1280 with file size up to 1 GB and time limit being 2 minutes.

  • Carefully select your thumbnail and title

Choose an eye-catching thumbnail and the caption of the video to attract a lot of audience towards it. Be so professional with your thumbnails so that the moment people see it they click on the video.

Keep in mind the necessary details. Videos are in 16:9 format make sure your thumbnail is in the same ratio. Just click on the select thumbnail and you will be able to snip a part of the video or add a complete picture from your gallery.

The same goes for the caption or title of the video. Try to make it as catchy and interesting as possible.

  • Always add subtitles in SRT format

Captions or subtitles are very important to add. The SRT file format is needed to upload the subtitles like most other platforms. SRT format can be made by using different software. Once you’ve done making the SRT subtitles you can upload them when you upload the video to the studio tool.


  • Attract the audience towards yourself and schedule your videos

Always leave a tweet that you are about to drop a video and it is scheduled to drop at a specific time, Make the people aware of it, Hype the video and add interesting points about so that the people are attracted to it.

Through twitter, you get access toamazing opportunities and ways to promote your videos and make them more professional. Using it the right way can certainly give you a boost and attract a lot of audiences.

Shabbir Ahmad

Student & writer. Eat > Write > Sleep > Repeat.