Using Technology To Build a Better Business Card

The last few years have brought huge advances in the way businesses engage with technology. From Asana to Zoom, the business world has gotten much better at using tech to do things with more efficiency and with a greater impact. Often this has meant envisioning traditional business tools in a new way, which is exactly what the Mobilo Smart Business Card does.

Are business cards still relevant?

As long as business people continue to meet, business cards will continue to be an important and helpful tool that allow for a quick and easy exchange of important information. As the digital spaces that we occupy have increased, so has the utility of business cards. Where once we listed our phone number and physical address, now we include our email address, website, and a host of social media handles. Business cards have become more relevant in recent years.

Why are business cards important?

In addition to communicating contact details, business cards must communicate quality. Studies show that 72 percent of the time, the person you connect with is judging you and your business based on the quality of your business card. With so much riding on the impression made by our business card, an ordinary card won’t do. For your business to stand out, you need a stand out business card.

How does technology boost business cards?

So far, most of the efforts to improve the efficiency of business cards through technology have failed. There are countless apps that have been introduced to share business info, but most of them are clunky. They involve a lot of typing or a lot of questions that then require clarification and correction. Even if you succeed in getting the information, you’ve probably lost whatever time or momentum you had to talk about your business.

For technology to truly boost the power of business cards, it needs to provide a solution that is social, seamless, and easy. That’s what the Mobilo Smart Business Card does.

The Mobilo Card is a physical business card that uses technology to allow you to transfer all of your contact information to a smart phone with one tap. In an instant, your new contact has all the information that they need about you and your business saved to their phone’s contacts app. It’s fully customizable, doesn’t require your new contact to download anything, and makes an amazing first impression.

How does Mobilo transfer data?

Near-Field Communication (NFC) is the technology that makes Mobilo a brilliant business card. NFC enables the wireless transfer of data between compatible devices over a distance of 4 cm or less. A common example of NFC in action is Apple Pay, which allows users to make a payment by holding an iPhone or Apple Watch close to an NFC reader.

Mobilo uses an NFC chip embedded in the card to connect with an NFC equipped phone, which includes most phones in use today. The information that you include on your customized Mobilo card is then transferred to the phone. And if you encounter problems with the NFC connection, Mobilo also includes a customized QR code which can be scanned with a phone’s camera.

In addition to cards, Mobilo also provides smart buttons, which can be attached to the back of your phone, and key fobs that contain NFC chips empowered to transfer your contact info with a tap. If business happens when you aren’t expecting it, you’ll be able to connect without the card.

Why is Mobilo a better business card?

The most obvious way that Mobilo trumps old school business cards is with its “wow factor.” It allows you to give someone an experience when you’re giving them your contact information. It also makes an unforgettable first impression, especially if your business is technology.

Technology aside, the Mobilo card team works with you to design a customized look for your card that truly represents your brand. It’s personalized technology that allows prospective clients and customers to know who you are, what you’re about, how you do business, and how to connect with you.

How does Mobilo grow business?

For business cards to be effective, they need to do more than exchange information; they need to generate leads. The technology employed by Mobilo Cards gives you a powerful new way to turn connections into leads.

In addition to passing your contact information, a tap from Mobilo can pass a customizable lead generation form to your new connection’s phone. The form can quickly be filled out and sent, resulting in a text message for you and your new lead with links to all the information. The info gathered by Mobilo can be easily incorporated into any customer relationship management platform, making it simple and seamless to move your business strategy forward.

How does Mobilo save money?

Traditional business cards can be wasteful on many levels. The Mobilo Card cuts out the waste. It’s a one time investment, so you won’t need to keep budgeting time and money for updating and ordering new cards. If any of your details change or you want to add some new information to your card, you simply access your online Mobilo dashboard and update. Changes go live to your card instantly.

Mobilo Cards also let you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on paper. It’s estimated that it takes one tree to provide business cards for 50 people. Mobilo lets you be eco-friendly and look great at the same time. Regarding financial impact, research shows companies spend as much as $194 per employee per year on business cards. A custom designed Mobilo card costs less than $40.

Thousands of users in more than 180 countries have already embraced the game-changing technology that Mobilo is bringing to business. In the words of Mobilo founder Pieter Limburg, Mobilo isn’t just replacing business cards; it’s elevating the contact-sharing experience to everything it should be.