Using Props To Teach English Online – What Are The Essential Aspects To Know?

Teaching English online is a great way to make money remotely while living and traveling abroad. Do you know that there are numerous people teaching English to non-native English speakers remotely? Thanks to distance learning technology, teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) has evolved as a rewarding hustle for many. 

Teaching online offers a flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely. TESOL-certified teachers should know about the right props to impart quality education to non-native speakers. 

Whether you are an experienced TESOL teacher or a fresher, using the right teaching tools can make all the difference. With the correct set of tools, you can make learning fun for your students. Online learning is convenient as both the teacher and the student can set their schedules. Moreover, you can teach students 1-on-1 or in a small group. Since online classes are discussion-based, TESOL-certified teachers can save time on preparation. 

Who is a TESOL-Certified Teacher?

TESOL is a qualification that assists teachers in understanding how culture and language interact with each other. As a TESOL-certified teacher, your primary role is to help non-native English speakers to learn how to write and speak in English.

These students can be migrants, refugees, young adults, international students, etc. TESOL teachers can help students improve their English language abilities both in the classroom and online. With a TESOL certification, you can be appointed by schools, universities and private English language institutions. 

Things to Expect While Teaching Online 

Teaching English in a classroom and teaching ESL online remotely are different. Forget using outdated textbooks and study materials when teaching online. By teaching your students via the online platform, you can access excellent resources. 

But it is normal for you to hit a few snags regarding how to teach ESL online. For instance, when you teach someone in person, you can rely on verbal and non-verbal cues. However, things are pretty different when you are teaching English online. Therefore, you will need essential supplies and classroom props to teach English online. 

Significance of Essential Supplies and Classroom Props 

When you are teaching English, the right set of props can make all the difference. These tools help to create an engaging learning environment. Moreover, props can also make your job as an ESL teacher more efficient. Below are some reasons highlighting the importance of classroom props and essential supplies. 

Boosts Participation among Students 

One of the key highlights of props is that they help increase participation among students. You can make your lessons more interactive and engaging with props. Non-native English speakers will feel more motivated and eager to learn. 

Props can Double Up as Visual Aids 

In online English teaching, visual aids play an integral role in making complex subjects simpler. Visual aids not only help in boosting the understanding process but also assists learners in remembering rules. The purpose of visual aid is to engage your learners and ignite an emotional response. The best props for online English teaching can double up as a visual aid. 

Increased Effectiveness 

With the proper teaching supplies, you can streamline your instructions. For instance, using a digital whiteboard can help you write and erase notes. The teaching props can help to provide structure and routine and improve understanding. 

Some Popular Types of Props to Help You Teach English Online 

Digital Whiteboard 

A digital whiteboard is an essential tool that helps you teach online. It allows you to write and draw and makes it simpler to explain concepts better. The traditional whiteboards are only helpful in a physical classroom. When you are teaching online, it is best to use a digital whiteboard. It allows you to write and draw directly on the computer screen. 

The Use of Flash Cards 

If you want to make learning immersive for the students, invest in good-quality flash cards. With flash cards, ESL teachers can make online lessons more engaging. A TESOL-certified teacher can use flash cards to teach vocabulary, grammar rules, and sentence structure. 

You can also consider using additional visual aids like charts, images, and videos to simplify the complex concepts in English. These tools can help make abstract concepts easier to grasp for your students. Pictures are suitable for teaching adjectives and the proper usage of prepositions. On the other hand, videos can be used to teach verb tenses. 

3D Props and their Usefulness 

While there is no need to invest in bulky teaching items, you should plan to procure a few 3D props in your arsenal. Some proper 3D props are:

  • A dry-erase board along with markers 
  • A set of ABC flashcards 

These are some props and aids with which you can make your learners grasp the key concepts. You can learn more about the scope of TESOL and its demand by consulting with 

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